Red Trousers

Red: The Hottest Color of 2012

Colors make life more interesting. What a boring world it would be if everything was black and white! The fusion and incorporation of color in our lives make life pretty vibrant. We incorporate color in every aspect of life as much as possible. And one area where color plays a significant role is fashion.

You will have noticed that colors are a seasonal feature in fashion. While the bright greens, blues and yellows dominate the months of spring and summer, sober colors like blue, maroon and black rule the fashion scene in winter. However, you will always find that one color always stands out among the rest the whole year through. And while black has dominated this title for a while, the focus has started to shift to brighter colors.

We’re proud to announce to you that the color of the year goes to….. Any guesses? Well, it’s in the title, why wouldn’t you guess? Yes it’s RED and it’s the hottest color of 2012.

Red Ruled in 2012

 For the fiery passion, the youthful spark, the vibrant glory and the royal mood it sets, we have to give it to red for adding a fashionable touch to our hair, lips, nails, tops, blouses, trousers, jackets, bags, shoes and the list goes on.

Red popularized many fashionable items in 2012. So let’s take a good look at how red ruled in 2012.

1. Red Shoes

There was a time when we wore only black, white and brown shoes, however, the colorful revolution replaced this age old fashion with colorful vibrant shoes in all kinds of bright colors like red, blue, green, purple and pink. This transition is still pretty gradual among the fashionistas; however, women seem to have easily accepted red as the hottest new trend in footwear colors.

Red Ruled in 2012


You have probably noticed a number of women ditch dull shoes and opt for bright red pumps, wedges, sandals and ballerinas. If you find red shoes too loud, you needn’t worry, everyone who wants to keep up with trends is wearing them and red shoes are not just a fleeting fad, it’s a trend that’s here to stay for quite a long time. So you better pile up on some red shoes pretty soon.


2. Red Handbags

If you are having a dull day where you have worn sober clothes, you can add a finishing touch to your look by picking up a red handbag. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and see what an absurdly large amount of difference the red handbag has made to your look.

You do not need to perfectly match the rest of your look to carry a red handbag with you. You can wear any color, any style and the red handbag will still stand out, not in an odd manner, but in a very fashionable way. Trust us; you will have eyes of envy on you all day long.

3. Red Nail Polish

We’ll let in you on a secret you probably are already aware of. Red Nail Polish is not a new trend; however, it is something that has been in style for decades now. Red Handbags and shoes – NEW! Red Nail Polish – Old but as good as Gold!

 Red Ruled in 2012

We’re 100% sure that every girl who loves nail polish has at least one vile of red nail polish in her kitty bag. Aren’t we right?

4. Red Lipstick

Aaaaah! We love this trend! The most kissable lips are here. Red lips look great in every season, suit every occasion and match anything you wear. Do you know that your lips look twice as attractive when adorned in red lipstick? Well, this is surely going to drive up red lipstick sales and it better because red lipsticks and red lip glosses rock, just like red ruled in 2012.

5. Red Trousers


With the trend of colorful trousers kicking it, certain women are still hesitant to try these out with the fear of it looking too comical. However, we have noticed that fashion trends that have anything to do with red are readily and quickly accepted as compared to other colors. In the same manner, red trousers have gained immense popularity among the pretty ladies in 2012.

6. Red Belts

Red Ruled in 2012

Style up your waist with a trendy red belt! If you want to flaunt your thin waist, there is no better way to draw attention to your waist line than by wearing a red belt. You can wear it over your trousers with a tucked in t-shirt or you can wear it over your dresses, jackets and coats for winters. You will surely look trendy no matter how you decide to sport a red belt.

You can use red in a variety of ways besides the ones mentioned to you above. What we have provided you with is just a glimpse into what has been trending in red in 2012. But there are many more fiery styles like red jackets, t-shirts, blouses, tunics and dresses that have been popular in 2012. Since red ruled in 2012, with a little help from us, do make sure that you give your wardrobe a revamp and revolutionize it with RED.