The Ingredients of Eye Make Up Tips in 2013

A step by step revisiting of basic eye make up tips is great for self confidence building and revisiting techniques to build your own repertoire of fashionable trends.

Just as the Julie Andrews’ ‘Do Re Me’ song says, when you begin, you need to begin, at the beginning, with a well washed and thoroughly cleaned area around the eyes.

Let us now, outline basics, to set the mood for your own take off

  • A primer base – is an optional application to eyelids
  • Start with a concealer – as a cover for the circles under your eye
  • An eye base – should be applied to your eye lid
  • Eye Liners  – for the smoky look pat with brush
  • Eye Shadow – blend colors for multicolor rainbow like effect

 bright eye shadow

  • A Highlighter – helps to brighten your eyes
  • Now, highlight your brow
  • An eye lash curler – for the gorgeous look
  • Apply Mascara – as a final touch

Celebrities, we know have over the years, to a fairly large extent set fashion trends. Mass exposure, and high visibility plus gossip columns lend themselves to highlighting these aspects. Favorite larger than life celebrity figures can easily become role models. That said, the fashion industry is the creative fountain head from which style and design flows. As in all walks of life, the professionals just cannot be held back.

Eye make up is known to mankind from time immemorial. Cleopatra symbolizes this particular aspect as an icon of immense popularity.

Eye Make Up Tips in 2013 and the Celebrity Influence

  • Eyebrows Tips 2013

Eyebrows are an essential element of creating an overall awesome effect from the eye make up. Trimming the eyebrows and shaping them in a stylish and elegant manner to suit your facial contours make all the difference. Jennifer Lopez carries off her own thick eyebrows.

  1. Spider Lashes 2013

Whilst false eye lashes provide succor and zing to many faces, Spider lashes are a variant. The variety and easy availability of false eye lashes of the temporary and semi permanent kind offers unlimited choices.

 eye Make up and blusher

  • The Sharp Chick Look 2013

Sharply defined eye make up, will always remain in vogue. Fashionable and sophisticated, this subtle eye make up has a charming effect on your personality.

  • Smokey Eyes Tips 2013

The dreamy look can never ever be overlooked, once again variants of color combinations help to keep the smokey eyes look alive in 2013 as well. Concealer, with dark mascara and eye liner to highlight your eyes, with a curler or false eye lashes and you are set. The orchid smokey effect can be obtained by purple and blends that suit you.

Specific techniques and individual needs and preferences are what make you unique. Techniques can easily be learned on the internet these days from websites like ours J. No need to visit professional stylists on every occasion. Be your own visual and creative artist, after all you know best what suits you best and what you want to achieve on each outing.

Modern eye make up cosmetics, trends and professional eye make up artists make for a continuous churn in styles and possibilities. Choose the looks and tips and set about achieving the same. Admiration and appreciation amongst your own circle of friends, may well establish a new trend.