The Kristen–Robert Cheating Scandal – Are There Any Winners Here?

Some of you are perhaps wondering why I have called it the ‘Kristen-Robert’ cheating scandal, when clearly Kristen Stewart is the one who cheated and Robert Pattinson was left with a broken heart. In fact the whole affair is being famously referred to in the media as the ‘Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal’. Mysteriously, there appears to be no reference to the third (and important) party in the entire affair (pun unintended)- much married director Rupert Sanders, who incidentally is a dad too.

Love Hurts… And How

You only have to ask the lead players in this drama to figure that out. While Rupert’s wife Liberty and Robert are the obvious ‘injured’ parties, a generous share of misery has come Kristen’s way too. Who can forget the image of a tear stained Kristen publicly apologizing to Robert when the news of the affair broke out. And soon after, Kristen apparently went into hiding, unwilling to face the media and their questions.

Rupert too, we are sure, has had his personal anguish to deal with as he ‘belatedly realized’ that he indeed loves his wife and family. His marriage still hangs in balance as Liberty is making no comments on what her decision is likely to be.

So is Liberty a winner here with her position of power?

Are Things Looking Up for Robert?

In the midst of all this, one can’t help but feel that perhaps, Robert has emerged a winner. No, we are not in any way making light of his personal loss and feelings. They are his and a part of his life now. But then as he moves on (as he should), perhaps, a time will come, when he may look back at this whole affair and not think much about it.

But in the meantime, he is the focus of all positive attention right now. Fans are feeling sorry for him and are almost protective of him. Even people who had never heard of Robert Pattinson now know about him (everyone wants to know about the ‘poor’ guy who was cheated on) and may now be more inclined to watch a movie starring him than before.

We know the big guys in Hollywood are sharp and they are sure to exploit this by signing on Robert for more projects. And the fact that Robert is an excellent actor and has established fan base are additional advantages.

In a recent news report, it was confirmed that Robert has been signed on to play the lead in the new Lawrence of Arabia film. There are reports emerging of people in Hollywood helping him get through this tough time. Apparently, Leonardo di Caprio has invited Robert to a private party celebrating the wrap of his latest movie.

Clearly Robert is signing great films and making new friends. And at his age, broken heart gets mended sooner rather than later.

What of Kristen?

Kristen has become official ‘Trampire’, hated by all and unsure of her career. She did not come forward to promote her new movie ‘On the Road’ and rumors are strong that she may not be part of the ‘Snow-White and the Huntsman’ sequel.  Of course, no one said that Rupert may not direct the sequel. Double standards?

We think so. Do you?