Leather Skirt Trends

The Most Fashionable Feminine Trends – Top 5 Skirt Trends of 2012

When you think of the skirt trends of 2012 then probably the first thing that pops into your head is Taylor Swift. The leggy beauty is a skirt fan and each time she steps out in a skirt, she manages to grab eyeballs with every piece she wears.

Talyor Swift in one of the skirt trends of 2012

In a world where women wear trousers and men love to cross dress, skirts are a purely feminine fashion. You can wear them to work, you can wear them on the street and you can wear them to parties to show off your sexy legs and feet.

Skirts are a gorgeous choice for summer. They are cool and breezy and will keep you cool on sunny days, but they will certainly make you look hot.

4 different skirt trends of 2012

Let’s check out some of the trendiest skirts of 2012 that we noticed women sport in 2012. We bring to you only the most gorgeous, fabulous, trendiest and feminine pieces that made women and men go “wow” with just one glance at them.

Presenting to you the Top 5 Skirt Trends of 2012!

1. Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirts are easy and breezy and what’s more, they are also trendy. Pleated skirts come in a variety of styles such as short, long and knee length and also soft pleats, defined pleats, wide pleats and narrow pleats.

A pleated skirt brings elegance to the wearer. Pleated skirts work well when paired with simple t-shirts, blouses or collared shirts and they look even better when worn with heels.

 Pleated skirt trends of 2012

2. Floral Pleated Skirts

Welcome charming and colorful floral skirt trends for the months of summer and spring with these pleated floral skirts for 2012. While skirts are already a very feminine feature, floral prints add to its feminine appeal.

Floral pleated skirts are a good choice for street wear and college fashion because of the cool casual appeal attached to it. Since floral skirts are so colorful, they are best paired with plain colored t-shirts. An accessorized neckpiece with such a look will work in your favor.

5 different floral skirt trends of 2012

3. Floral Pencil Skirts

A variation to floral pleated skirts is floral pencil skirts. These skirts are truly all over the place. While floral pleated skirts are casual and breezy, floral pencil skirts are great for formal dos.

They are best paired with formal tops. And you can also wear jackets over these because they balance well against the skin tight slim fit of the skirt.

4 different floral pencil skirt trends of 2012

If you are madly in love with skirts and you desire to wear them in fall and winter even though they are a summer trend, then you won’t have to be outdated with fashion. For skirt lovers there are plenty of skirt trends available for fall and winter 2012.

4. Leather Skirts

 Leather skirts are by far the best skirt trends for fall and winter 2012. They are stylish, chic and they effortlessly seem to look hot and cool at the same time.

Leather skirts come in a variety of lengths and a variety of colors such as black, brown, beige and maroon.

4 leather skirt trends of 2012


The leather skirts trending in 2012 include pleats, flaps and gathers for an extra fashionable effect.


5. Swingy Skirts

skirt trends of 2012 from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Swingy skirts with narrow upper portions and flared bottoms are a trend that resurfaced in 2012 after a long gap. Swingy skirts make for a good casual street look and are a great choice for women with broad hips. Swingy skirts are very comfortable because they do not cause discomfort like tight miniskirts and at the same time are not as breezy as flared skirts. When you cannot make up your mind and choose just one trend, you can always go with a combination like this.

Since skirts are exclusive to women, when you wear one, always make sure to look stylish overall. Accessorize your look with classy jewelry like earnings, neckpieces and bangles, carry a chic handbag and wear only heels or ballerinas with skirts. You’re now good to go!