The Razzle-Dazzle of Synchronized Swimming in London 2012

Synchronized swimming became a part of the Olympics since the 1984 Games and is the only other event apart from rhythmic gymnastics which is an ‘only female athletes’ competition. Synchronized swimming is a popular spectator event and adds that extra bit of glamour to the Olympics that is so well deserved. This year has been a vibrant show of colours, razzle-dazzle swimwear and perfect performances.

The Russian team received almost perfect scores for their brilliant performance. Not to mention that they had one of the most brilliant costumes to complement. Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina wore an interesting pattern of animation in full colours as they defended their gold medal in the London Olympics. While the swimsuits looked lovely, the same cannot be said about their makeup – the animated makeup took the look a bit too far than necessary.

Team Argentina came in wearing eye-catching geometrical patterns on their swimsuits that could easily be synchronized with formal attire. The concept came out quite simply and was further brought forth dramatically with some heavy eye-liner. In a hard to miss performance, the duo excelled as they sparkled their way through it.

If Argentina kept it simple, Spain set the water on fire with their Flamenco inspired red costumes. Beautifully coordinated red and black colours on their leotards did great justice to their movements and poise. Their makeup seemed just right to go with the colours and their routine. Check out the single strap across one shoulder. Doesn’t it remind you of the spirit of Flamenco?

If Spain ruled in Red, Team Great Britain entered in cobalt blue and how! Olivia Federici and Jenna Randall looked amazing in the royal blue sequin fireworks placed strategically in the right places. The costumes showcased superb choice of colours, designs and patterns. Bold, beautiful and superlatively sexy! Way to go Team GB…

South Korea burst into the scene with all the colours in the rainbow on their costumes. Complete with the right makeup and colourful eye shadow, Team South Korea mesmerized one and all with their cheer costume and countenance. While costumes showed the perfect explosion of colours, their routine matched with the mood – upbeat, beautiful and very graceful.

If South Korea made colours proud, Team Greece made patterns proud. Based on darker tones, the asymmetric patterns on their costumes blended together to bring forth the perfect symmetry. Beautifully designed, the costumes displayed exquisite taste of colours and patterns as they amalgamated together to bring out the best in each. The head gear was a complete surprise and totally awesome. Neat, elegant and tremendously defined.

The trends set by the Olympians are surely going to find their way into retail stores soon and ladies, be sure to pick one as soon as you can. It does not matter that you are not a synchronized swimming champion or a contestant, you do deserve a perfectly colour coordinated costume for what it’s worth. Of course, you might want to forego some of the makeup ideas that are best suited to mega events and championships like the London 2012. What say?