Kate Middleton's Handbags

The Royal Bags of Duchess Kate Middleton

Make way for royalty! We knew it was high time that Kate Middleton made a visit to one of our most beloved section that our readers are simply in love with. So today, it is time for double celebration because your favorite section on your  favorite stars’ favorite bags is going to be graced by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge herself, our royal fashion diva, Kate Middleton.

Describing Kate Middleton’s bags is no easy task because we’d want to write volumes about the classy and elegant pieces she owns. And besides her bags, we may also be lured into talking about everything else she is wearing along with the bag. So be prepared for the most royal ride of this section, one that is going to tempt you every step of the way.

Kate Middleton's Handbags

Bow down folks; the most ROYAL bags of the world are here on display.

1. Mulberry Polly Pushlock Satchel

Mulberry Polly Pushlock Satchel

The very first handbag that Kate Middleton carried after her much awaited Royal Wedding is this blue Mulberry Polly Pushlock Satchel.She whisked this bag away with her to Heathrow Airport, where she and her hubby dearest were taking off to Canada. Quite a lovely companion for the lady’s flight indeed! We’re talking about the handbag here, not William.

2. Anya Hindmarch Raffia Fan Clutch

Kate Middleton's HandbagsWhile in Canada, Prince William and Duchess Kate seemed to have the most fashionable time of their lives, with Kate strutting about in one trendy ensemble after another. We love everything about her Anya Hindmarch Raffia Fan Clutch. What a pretty choice of handbag to go with her dress and hat!

3. Alexander McQueen Box Clutch

Alexander McQueen Clutch

Alexander McQueen is certainly one of Kate’s favorite designers. Be it her dresses or clutches, this royal is an Alexander McQueen loyalist. The red box clutch that she carried with her to the Jubilee River Pageant certainly made heads turn. This Alexander McQueen Box Clutch done in red, outlined with gold, with a royal red bow and a skull lock is worth taking the time off to stop and stare.

4. Jaime Masaro Black Velvet Hilary Clutch

Jaime Masaro Black Velvet Hilary ClutchKate does look like a vision indeed in black. This Jaime Masaro Black Velvet Hilary Clutch has its own way of blending in with her black dress and yet standing out against it in its own way.

5. LK Bennett Natalie Natural Clutch

LK Bennett Natalie Natural Clutch

Besides Alexander McQueen, Kate also seems to have a fondness towards LK Bennett’s clutches and shoes. For one, she especially likes carrying this LK Bennett Natalie Natural Clutch around, a bit too often than she does with other. And secondly, the frequency with which she flaunts her trendy items from her closet belonging to his brand, Kate has certainly put LK Bennett on the world’s fashion map.

Kate Middleton was prepared to have the world’s eyes on her after news of the Royal Engagement broke out and especially after the wedding of the century. Fashionistas look up to her for fashion advice and she has only the best advice in store for us. Her ensemble for each and every occasion is the ideal source of inspiration, transforming even those with an aversion to fashion.