The Secrets To Achieve A Perfect Cat-Eye Make-Up

As women, we love to stick to our little rituals when it comes to beauty. We even tend to favor the same products time and time again, after they become part of our make-up routine. Applying the same foundation everyday, a little bit of blush on the cheeks, a coat of mascara on the lashes are actions that slowly become part of a tradition, of a process that it is only meant to make ourselves feel better and shine brighter. Either we love to keep it simple, or long to achieve sophisticated looks everyday, we follow on the same steps every time, because we know they work just fine and why fix something if it ain’t broken, right? Well, not necessarily.

It only takes a visit to a professional salon for a special occasion, or to have a girlfriend take care of your make-up for once, to realize that breaking out of the everyday routine can lead to some fantastic results. While it is absolutely great to understand what better works for your face, to learn how to highlight your best features and how to hide the little blemishes, there’s nothing wrong with learning new tips from time to time, and having fun experimenting with them and new products.


When it comes to extraordinary make-up, never underestimate the power of a flawless cat-eye. Aside from transforming even the most discreet routine, in an act of pure glamour, an inspired use of the eyeliner can instantly improve your entire appearance, by defining your eyes and making you eyelashes look way thicker. You can use the cat-eyes as a focus point in both a delicate make-up routine, as well as in a more extravagant one. It works great for day, and for night, to build edgy looks, or to recreate beautiful vintage inspired ones. Here are some little tips meant to help you achieve that flawless cat-eye make-up right from the start.

Cat-Eye Make Up  Pencils

Choose Your Eyeliner Carefully. The best secret to a flawless make-up lies in the overall quality of the products you use. It’s not about the price tag, it’s not even about the brand, but about finding a compatible item that does the best possible job in helping you achieve the desired look. Deciding on which eyeliner to bring back home can be a little bit difficult at first, but you can guide your selective process based on a few of  important features the eyeliner must posses, like great texture, strong color, resistance and an easy to handle brush.

While the liquid eyeliner stands as the classic and most common choice, you can also opt for pencil eyeliners, gel eyeliners or powder eyeliners if you feel they are more suitable for you.

Cat eye makeup style

Use a Waterproof Pencil To Line The Eye Skin First. Because the eyeliner is harder to control unless you’ve accumulated enough experience with it, it’s easier to start of the make-up process by using a waterproof pencil to trace the first line across your upper lashes. Using the liquid eyeliner as a second layer helps emphasize the color, and it also prevents the make-up from becoming messy, making the entire process a lot easier.

Collection of cat eye makeup styles

Experiment With Different Cat-Eye Shapes. The art of using the eyeliner improved a lot since the days it only implied tracing a thin line across the upper lash. Now you can get inspired and experiment with a multitude of shapes, turning on the creative process and finding the most flattering ones for your beautiful eyes. Don’t be afraid to look different and really stand out.

woman with cat eye makeup

Make The Cat-Eyes Even On Both Sides. On your way to flaunting that flawless cat-eye make-up you might come across some small bumps, but don’t get discouraged. Nobody gets it perfect from the first try. So after you’ve finished tracing the desired shape, make sure the cat-eyes are even on both sides. An impeccable evenness it’s key to a perfect result. And keep in mind that it’s always easier to add more liner, than to take it off. To get rid off the extra liner, use Q-tips dipped in make-up remover and delete gently.

woman with cat eye makeup

Black Eyeliner, False Lashes, Red Lipstick. We get why this look turned timeless, as it is the most beautiful and classy way you can highlight your unique features. Meant for those special occasions that require a make-up able to leave a long-lasting impression, the pairing of the black eyeliner with red lipstick is a recipe for success. To add more drama to your eyes, take full advantage of a pair of false lashes, or use a volumizing mascara for your natural ones.