Robin Givens

The Shocking Love Triangle between Brad Pitt, Robin Givens and Mike Tyson

Hook ups, break ups and affairs are an everyday feature in Hollywood. While we may unthinkingly pass off some as commonplace, certain instances do arise where you might gasp in astonishment with the bedroom secrets of stars being revealed.

The latest shocker that we have received is Brad Pitt’s torrid affair with Robin Givens, ex-wife of world famous boxer Mike Tyson.

Brangelina fans, there’s no need to fret. He loves Angie, he has been faithful to her and the two are even set to marry in the near future. What we are talking of, is a time even before Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow were present in Brad’s life and much before Brad Pitt became a household name.

Hall of fame boxer Mike Tyson revealed in a recent interview with Graham Bensinger on “In Depth with Graham Bensinger” on Yahoo! Sports, that he once caught his wife Robin Givens (now divorced) red handed in bed with Brad Pitt.

Tyson goes on to explain that he was heading to his lawyer’s office to complete the divorce proceedings with Robin Givens, when he suddenly felt the urge to have a quickie with her and so he decided to head back home. To his shock, Robin Givens was already in bed enjoying herself with another man, none other than Mr. Pitt himself.

Mike Tyson claimed that he got really mad at the sight before him and Brad’s face filled with fear on being caught because Tyson was notorious for his abusive behavior back then when Brad Pitt was known for a few guest appearances that he had made in T.V. serials.

Mike Tyson’s marriage to Robin Givens had a rather short day in the sun. The affair, however, wasn’t the reason for the divorce, since proceedings had already begun before the affair came to light. Givens revealed in interviews after the divorce that she was a victim of domestic violence at Tyson’s hands with repeated slaps and blows from the boxer. His violence reached the limits of rage with Tyson throwing objects around the house in anger.

Robin Givens Controversy

Two decades have passed since this incident in 1989 that followed Mike Tyson’s divorce with Robin Givens. Tyson claims that he has no hard feelings against Brad and isn’t mad at him. Nevertheless, who would have guessed that there existed an equation between Brad Pitt and Mike Tyson and that too an equation framed by such an intensive encounter. Well, we can just pass it off by saying, “anything can happen behind closed doors!”