The Spring 2013 Fashion Map: Back To Basics With Black&White

The fashion industry revolves around the ideas of innovation and evolution, always trying to highlight the aspects that have never been done before, and always seeking excitement in what the future holds. But there’s a special spot on the fashion map where the old eras collide with the new trends, where the nostalgic flavor of the old times meets the unexpected elements of the present. That’s why nearly every major trend makes for a successful comeback across every decade.

The classic combo of black and white held onto its special place throughout the entire fashion history, never really going out of style and representing a huge staple in any wardrobe you could possible imagine. The color association makes for a safe, but commanding appearance, being freshened up by modern patterns, intricate details or exquisite graphic elements. The Spring 2013 runways were filled with hot new takes on the black & white blend, painting a perfect picture for the seasons to come. If you are as excited as we are for the modern approach on the classic hues, you may want to draw together some inspiration coming straight from the most recent presentations. Here’s our favorite new ways of sporting the black & white notes next year.


Black & White Combo: The Classy Look. You can’t practically think about a black and white combination without instantly associating the mix with a clean, sophisticated and lady-like appearance. A delicate white blouse, makes for a great contrast when paired with a sleek pair of black “taj pants”, especially if its topped with a feminine pearl-buttoned cardigan. To emphasize the chic theme, play upon striking accessories, much like the inspiring strings of pearls used as a belt in the Andrew Gn Spring 2013 collection. For the elegant approach to be completely effective, finish off the look with bold red lips, a classy up-do and statement earrings.

Black & White Combo: The Androgynous Style. By going in the complete opposite direction, use the black and white notes to further accentuate a sleek, edgy and fearless look that fits right into the androgynous category. Play upon the masculine features by teaming a black, boxy and sleeveless button down shirt, with a pair of white, slightly oversized trousers. Keep the accessories to a minimum, and the make-up and hairstyle as close to natural as you feel comfortable to.


Black & White Combo: The Rebellious Girl. What would an edgy black and white mix be without leather? The grunge interpretation of the classic combo brings together the slim-fitting silhouettes, alongside the contrasting slouchy ones, for an overall look that screams attitude and personality. To make the most out of this kind of outfit, pair a black leather ensemble, with an oversized white blazer, and complement the look with a pair of flat ankle sandals. Messy waves and a circular pair of sunglasses make for the ideal styling approach.

Black & White Combo: The Unraveled Approach. The eclectic western aesthetic was subtly toned down by the simple black and white color pallet in the most recent Acne collection. The powerfull girls will find plenty of inspiration in the raw looks that paired unconventional buckled vests, with sleeveless t-shirts and floor-length skirts, featuring stripe patterns and high-slits. Cozy creepers and sleek side-parts emphasized the flaky style on the spring runway.


Black & White Combo: The Modern Sensuality. Black and white can also make for some sensual and alluring silhouettes, playing upon contrast and youthfulness. The Balenciaga Spring 2013 collection was filled with modern takes on sensuality, but built in such manner that they were overflowing with great taste and simplicity. If you’re rather the girlie-girl type, than you’ll find a perfect match in the pairing of asymmetrical mini skirts, with clean-cut cropped tops and high-heels. Delicate pieces of jewelry and contrasting make-up would perfectly highlight the minimalist take on fashion.

Black & White Combo: The Free Spirited Lady. We’re definitely going back to basics with black and white hues, carefully placed across the glamorous 1960s silhouettes. Mixing different patterns and fabrics, with clean shapes and complementary styling details, feels so modern, yet so nostalgic at the same time. A black and white striped sequined long-sleeved blouse, paired with an elongated sillouethe in a contrasting pattern, highlights the idea of simplicity in the best possible way. It’s the casual approach to a glittery sensation that screams high-fashion.