Kate Moss's Handbags

The Supermodel’s Super-Fashionable Bags: Kate Moss’s Chic Handbags

We’ve introduced you to some of the hottest bags in the world of film, television and music with your favorite stars’ favorite bags. Now are you ready to witness some of the most stylish bags in the world of fashion. It’s Kate Moss for you today on your favorite stars’ favorite bags.

Supermodels have got super style! And if you doubt that even for a moment, Kate Moss will blow your mind away and show you that she has super style. Not only does this model dress up exotically, but she also lives up to her status of a super model with the quality of clothes, shoes, accessories and bags in her wardrobe.

Kate Moss's Handbags

So let’s take a good look at Kate Moss’s bags today. This will convince you that supermodels have super style!

1. Saint Laurent Classic Duffel

Kate Moss Handbags

Saint Laurent seems to be a popular choice among supermodels especially after they introduced their new range of women’s handbags. Here Kate Moss is seen sporting one of the very first bags from the Saint Laurent collection and she indeed made a fine choice with this black Saint Laurent Classic Duffel.

2. Mulberry Bayswater Bag

Kate Moss's Handbags

Mulberry is among Kate Moss’s top favorite brands and here she is seen flaunting this lovely green crocodile version of the Mulberry Bayswater Bag. Quite a striking choice, isn’t it?

3. Ostrich Mulberry Bayswater Bag

Kate Moss's Handbags

You may have seen different celebrities following pretty much the same colors and styles when it comes to handbags, but Kate Moss’s closet is filled with uniqueness, much like this nude Ostrich Mulberry Bayswater Bag.

4. Mulberry Willow Tote

Kate Moss's Handbags

And here’s another Mulberry from Kate Moss’s ultra fashionable wardrobe. This bag you are looking at is part of Mulberry’s spring collection for 2013 and is not out in stores yet. So if you really love this Mulberry Willow Tote and would like to own it, you better keep an eye out for it because it could hit stores any day now.

5. Gucci Union Jack Boston Duffel

Kate Moss's Handbags

Isn’t it a bit odd to celebrate Great Britain with an Italian bag? Hey who’s complaining? Kate’s got style and she can flaunt it the way she wants to just like this super stylish Gucci Union Jack Boston Duffel. That’s some kind of fashionable patriotism, isn’t that so?

6. White Hermes Birkin

White Hermes Birkin

Nobody enters the world of fashion without being bitten by the Hermes Birkin bug, not even Kate. And this White Hermes Birkin is worth all the popularity it’s got.

7. Red Hermes Birkin

Kate Moss's Handbags

This proves that the Hermes Birkin bug is not weak enough to leave you with one bag. You’ve got to have two or more. And we love this striking Red Hermes Birkin. Kate doesn’t seem like a huge fan of bright colors but when she brings them on, she rocks at it.

8. Longchamp Panther Parade Satchel

Kate Moss's Handbags

A leopard print bag is quite a sassy way to spruce up a neutral ensemble. Just look at Kate, she’s wearing the simplest bare essentials and yet she looks so stylish, all thanks to this Longchamp Panther Parade Satchel.

So there you go with Kate Moss’s super stylish bags. Are you convinced now that this supermodel has got super style? Let us know!