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The Teenage Fashion Evolution

The coolest thing about fashion is how often it changes. Everything from fits to colors, designs and fabrics have changed throughout the evolution of fashion and actually make up exactly what we enjoy today within our wardrobe. The new trends today that we indulge in today are actually blasts from the pasts of style and trends. Let’s check out the last century of fashion and see what is still walking down the runways today, and what definitely, and thankfully stayed in that era.skirt fashion

The Big Gowns of the 1900’s

If you’re trying to get a feel for what the 1900’s fashion looked like, think of the Titanic movie and the people who held first class tickets because it’s a pretty close replica of the style that was enjoyed during the 1900’s. After all, the Titanic did take voyage to the sea during the 1900’s. It was all various clothing changes throughout the day with morning and afternoon dresses for the women, and tailored suits for the men. These looks were often topped with a big hat. The 1900’s style was extremely elegant and emphasized the not-so-natural shape and curve of a woman’s waist, which was created from a blood-cutting-off tight corset.

kate winslet in titanic

Trend of Today: Big floppy hats.

Not So Tight in the 1920’s

The 1920’s fashion still indulged in the big, stunning gowns but the corset trend slightly untied as the emphasis was placed on softer lines and curves of the body, instead of a extremely tight waist as the previous era enjoyed. The dresses did begin to indulge in a bit of color during this era as well. It’s definitely an era where personality was beginning to make an appearance throughout one’s individual fashion choices.  It’s also the era of flapper fashion which was highly inspired from Coco Chanel encouraging fringe dresses and feather hair pieces, however this style wasn’t something you’d seen in the streets, but rather something you’d enjoy in a venue up on stage.1920s fashion

Trend of Today: Fringe dresses for the club.

Getting a Little Sexy in the 1930’s

Money became scarce for many in the 1930’s which explains the lack of formality within the wardrobes of this era. Despite the looser fit and less formal attire, the 1930’s style definitely got a little more sexy. Less money, less fabric? Who knows. Women often indulged in sleeveless dresses with a fur (faux for the less wealthy) shawl slung over their shoulders. Hats became less eccentric, and rather minimalistic while the clothing style trends became a little more personalized as colors were being explored even more so, and shorter lengths were being enjoyed. Hello, ladies calves and some collarbone cleavage! That’s as scandalous as it truly got within the 30’s style trends. CoCo Chanel continued to thrive and was a popular indulgence amongst famous actresses such as Jean Harlow and Ginger Rogers who are known for their fashion portraits.1920s fashion


Trend of Today: Fake Fur is currently super haute!

A Masculine Appearance of the 1940’s

older generation fashionWith the war current, fashion trends took a turn towards less emphasis and rather generic styles as a result of several stores closing down and a lack of income. Even CoCo Chanel shut down over the war years. Despite hats being big and bold in the previous eras, it was in the 40’s that they truly became a vital part of fashion. After all, with a lack of shopping, you had to make a statement somehow, right? People indulged in hats the same way we currently indulge in cell phones. The women and men of the 1940’s never left home without a hat. The tightened waist was fairly absent during this time, and if you want to take a movie reference to resemble this fashion era, think Armageddon starring Ben Affleck. Skirts were longer and suit jackets were common amongst females. You can even say that the 40’s were a rather masculine era for clothing in comparison to the priors so people took to other ways to accentuate their femininity. This is when Hollywood starlet, Bette Davis was haute for lipstick and makeup quickly became an indulgence of fashion.

1940s fashion


Trend Of Today: Makeup is our fashion.

The Marilyn Monroe and Aubrey Hepburn of the 1950’s

Style began to indulge in showing the sexier side of women during the 1950’s as the emphasis of clothing was often placed on an hourglass figure. Both Marilyn Monroe and Aubrey Hepburn have been known for pushing the style limits towards a more feminine appeal. Skirts began to bare some legs, shoulders were wide and were even shown off as strapless dresses entered the fashion industry. Things definitely began to heat up in the fashion kitchen during the 50’s.1950s fashion


Trend of Today: Poofy skirts, waist belts, bikinis, high heels and of course, Marilyn Monroe’s “classic” makeup look with cat eyeliner, big lashes and red lipstick.

A Wild Side in the 1960’s

The 60’s is when fashion trends truly took advantage of what clothing can bring to the world and one’s individual style. It also got a little more riskay! Wild prints and bright colors were beginning to enter the boutiques, and although It was all about Go-Go boots, boxy dresses, bikinis (although still extremely covered up from what we wear today), mimi skirts, false lashes and bell bottom jeans, Marilyn Monroe continued to thrive with her sexy style throughout the 60’s.


Trend of Today: Flared denim, and eccentric prints.

That 70’s Show of 1970’s

Hello, disco! Flare jeans, buttoned down shirts on the men that were extremely unbuttoned,  and fish in clear platforms were not a rare sight within the fashion industry during the 70’s. This is also an era known for drugs… And well, it’s safe to assume the designers indulged because this is one era that has never successfully been brought back into the fashion industry. Big flare jeans tried to make a comeback in 2000’s and failed miserably, as did the platforms during the Spice Girl days of the millennium as well. However, the maxi dresses and high waists have been thriving in the past couple of seasons so maybe the 70s did bring something other than disastrous to the fashion scene after all. Barbara Streisand, Blondie and Twiggy are probably stoked that their era of eccentric 70’s swag did something right.70s fashion


Trend of Today: Maxi dresses and high waists.

Neons of the 1980’s

The 80’s get a little less disco a little more neon. It’s definitely one of the most fun fashion eras as it was the era of bright neons and wild prints, mini skirts and leggings, leg warmers and shoulder pads. Madonna and Cher are the totally trendy styles of the 80’s and although the fashion trends have made a comeback, their careers… Not so much.1980s fashion


Trend of Today: Neons and leggings have been a hit for a couple of years lately.

Thing Get a Little Grungy in the 1990’s

The 90’s look was fairly similar to the 80’s in regards to neon colors, but it’s often referred to a grungier version of it. Clothes were much looser and didn’t have any form at all, really. Males wore rock tees and tight jeans (And long hair in a ponytail!), and females indulged in slip dresses that were literally slipped on over a tee. Oh, you can’t forget about the trend of black spandex shorts with a neon stripe down the side. That’s right! This era brought the bicycle shorts to the trending scene. Why, oh why!

90s fashion

Trend of Today: Vintage rock tees and denim. 

A Combo in the 2000’s

The 2000’s fashion has truly been an indulgence in a variety of trends that have been seen throughout the evolution of the 20th century. Everything from 90 flare jeans to  50’s peplums that also came back in the 80’s have made a statement during the 200’s, and even 80’s neons and the big hats of the 1900’s are still walking down the runways. The only fashion era that hasn’t been implemented into today’s trends is the 70s, and there’s nothing to be upset about. Well, that is unless you count Lady Gaga… Who is the pure definition of the 70’s fashion on crack.2010 fashion

Now remember ladies, this is only a small portion of the evolution of fashion. Inspirations for today’s fashion and the evolution of fashion all together definitely extends well past the 1900’s and right into the caveman days. However, the 20th century definitely plays a vital part in the style that we currently rock down our own personal runways, the sidewalks of the street. In fact, today’s fashion offers a bit of style from all the eras. The 2000’s style trends will certainly be known for taking a walk down the path of fashion evolution. The history from the past decades and the celebrities from those eras have essentially played a vital part in the fashion that we enjoy today

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