The Top 10 Denim Trends for 2012

Denim as represented by your favorite pair of jeans or jacket needs no introduction really. But did you know that denim is actually a variety of cotton with a specific weave pattern?

It is interesting to note that denim, which is today associated with casual chic and even designer wear (no celebrity is without a favorite pair of jeans) was originally created for Californian gold miners because it was sturdy and durable enough to withstand the tough mine conditions. Soon denim was the garment of choice for the working class and gradually it made its way towards the youth and from there to fashion center stage where it stands today.

Evolution of Denim

The classic blue jeans originally came from dyeing denim with indigo dye. Though blue still remains a favorite, current denim trends are veering towards other colors, neon’s, pastels and every other shade and hue.  Traditionally denim is a 100% cotton fabric. Newer varieties of denim such as stretch denim are now being created by combining basic denim with other fabrics like lyrca and spandex.  And of course denim is no longer restricted to jeans alone and extends to range of clothing like jackets, dresses, shorts and practically anything you can think of. The evolution of denim over the years has created numerous denim fashion trends for people like us. Let us now see what the top denim trends are for this year.

The Top 10 Denim Trends for 2012

  1. Colors are ‘in’ in a big way in 2012

As we said, while blue denims will remain an eternal classic, the denim trends in 2012 are veering towards more colorful options. The color palette covers the entire spectrum from muted pastels like lilac and lavender to loud yellow and the surprise colors like maroon and green. Of course you can choose the style you are most comfortable with be it boot cut, mid rise, low rise or skinny jeans. Pair your colorful denims with neutral tops for the best effect.

  1. Neon Denim Trends 2012

neon demin jeans

Going one step ahead of the colored denims is the florescent or neon denim trend of 2012. With totally over the top, bright colors, this trend is for ladies who are super cool and confident that they will carry it off. Of course you can tone down the overall effect by combining with sober tops.

  1. Plain Makes Way for Prints in 2012

If you are bored with sporting plain denims (even if colored), you can rejoice, for denim trends in 2012 are adding prints and patterns to denim in a big way.

(a)   Floral Denim Trends

With summer upon us, floral patterned denims are just the right touch to put you in a sunny mood.

floral demin jeans
Floral Jeans

(b)   Denim Print Trends 2012

Besides floral, denims in 2012 are sporting practically every other print and pattern including stripes, polka dots and others.

polka dot denim jeans
Polka Dot Denim
striped denim jeans
Striped denims
  1. Metallic Denim Trends

Perfect for a night about the town, the metallic denims come into their own when paired with dark tops to complete the ensemble. Gold and silver are classic colors, though these denims are also available in pastel shades and brighter hues.

metallic denim jeans
Plain metallic denims

And metallic denim trends are not restricted to plain, but include sophisticated prints as well, as indicated by this piece of clothing.

bronze metallic floral denim
Bronze metallic floral printed denim

  1. Embellished Denims

A popular 2012 trend in denims has been embellishment of plain denims with range of material including lace, metal and others.                                        

embellished denim shorts
Embellished Denim Shorts
  1. Patch Work Denims

Patch work denims is super stylish trend for 2012 that imparts a cool and casual attitude to your persona without trying too hard.  The patch work trend is of course: (a) not restricted to jeans; (b) extends to shorts, dresses and other apparel and (c) and works for a range of colours too.

patch work denims
Patch Work Denim
  1. Bleached/Tie-Dye Denim Trends

Denim is perhaps the only fabric where a worn out/faded look is considered equivalent to a style statement, so much so that bleached denim has been a fashion trend for years. This trend makes a comeback in 2012. With no restrictions on colours and shades bleached denims from blue to pink to brown are ruling the roost in 2012. Go with your favorite shade and have fun.

bleached denims
Bleached Denims

Let us now consider some non-jeans denim trends for 2012

  1. Denim Skirt Trends 2012

Denim skirt trends in 2012 range from maxi skirts to knee skirts to tight fitted mini-skirts. This season, however, the denim skirts trends have stuck exclusively to blue, not experimenting much with color.

3 denim mini skirts
Denim Mini Skirts

  1. Denim Jacket Trends 2012

It is all about making your personal style statement in 2012. Denim jackets range from sleeveless vest style jackets to full sleeve coat style versions to help you create the desired impact

sleeveless denim jacket
Sleeveless Denim Jacket

  1. Denim Dress Trends 2012
5 denim dresses
Denim Dress Collection

It is difficult to imagine that a fabric originally for rough use by miners today produces one of the sexiest dresses for women. Denim dress trends in 2012 are all about looking chic, sophisticated and sexy. And again blue dominates in 2012.

 Denim as a fabric has always been associated with youth and rebellion. But no one said rebels don’t have to be trendy. With these denim trends for 2012, rebel to your heart’s content and look stylish while doing it. Have fun.