Engagement Ring Trends 2012

Get Ready To Say, “I Do!” With The Top 10 Engagement Ring Trends For 2012

We don’t wear sweaters during the sunny summers and neither do we wear flip flops during the chilly winters. Different trends have their own seasons; however, the season of love is timeless, unbound by seasons and welcoming all in its sweet embrace.

There is no “perfect” season to propose; but the moment you choose to propose will be that one perfect moment that you and your loved one will remember for the rest of your lives. So why not seal the deal with something that is exquisite, precious, rare and timeless, just like the love that holds you two together?

Dear men, your women will appreciate your gesture no matter how you propose, but if you pop that question with the perfect ring, you’ll certainly win a million brownie points.

Dear women, if you want to drop in a few hints to your man and show him the ring you’d like, you could simply read this article in front of him and spend a whole lot of time admiring the ring you’ll fall in love with from this compilation below.

Engagement Ring Trends 2012

Without any further adieu, let us set the showcase open and present to you this dazzling and timeless display of engagement ring trends for 2012.

1. Circular Halo Rings

Engagement Ring Trends 2012

Symbolize your endless love for each other with a circular halo diamond engagement ring. Let the sparkle of this beautiful ring add many blissful years to your love life.

2. Square Halo Rings

Engagement Ring Trends 2012

The huge diamond resting atop your square halo diamond ring is going to be worth all the attention it is going to get. Be prepared for envious stares from your female friends and being talked about at the office water cooler because that ring is going to make everybody want a piece of it.

3. Double Band Diamond Rings

Engagement Ring Trends 2012

When you are overflowing with love for your dear one, there is no better way to express those feelings than with a double band diamond ring. Not only does this ring represent twice the love that anyone could ever have for anybody; but it also doubles the charm, beauty, elegance and grace it brings with it.

And don’t forget that you will be envied twice as much.

4. Emerald Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Trends 2012

Precious stones are slowly replacing the classic solitaire diamond ring. Your woman is sure to have a certain precious stone that she admires more than the others. Surprise her with an emerald ring and assure her that your love will be as deep as the beautiful hues of green that the emerald holds.

5. Floral Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Trends 2012

A flower is one of the few perfect symbols of female femininity. Make your woman feel special with a floral engagement ring or a floral engagement band to grace her ring finger. Her ring will certainly be the talk of the town from the moment you set it on her finger.

6. Ruby Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Trends 2012

Let red represent the pure passion and love you and your loved one have for each other with a ruby diamond engagement ring.

7. Sapphire Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Trends 2012

Deepen your bond of love with a deep blue sapphire engagement ring. The blue precious stone will not only impress your woman beyond bounds, it will also leave the in-laws awe stricken by your gesture to get their girl a precious stone to seal the deal.

8. Heart Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Trends 2012

Ask your woman to marry you by giving your heart to her as a sign of your commitment to her forever. She will say yes the moment her eyes meet the pretty sight of the heart engagement ring.

9. The Classic Diamond Solitaire

Engagement Ring Trends 2012

This is the one engagement ring trend that has stood still with the passing times and seasons. It is safe to say that this trend-proof classic diamond solitaire ring will still make a very stylish statement even for your 50th wedding anniversary.

10. Black Diamond Rings

Engagement Ring Trends 2012

Quite a handful of men do land themselves the “unconventional” woman who manages to steal their hearts and take their breath away like nobody does. The black diamond represents the unconventional woman and is equally mesmerizing like a clear crystal diamond. Choosing a ring that represents your woman will earn you a lifetime of appreciation.

We wish you the very best and hope you find the perfect love band to represent your eternal love.