The Top 5 Evening Gown Trends in 2012

Every woman needs an evening gown (or two) in her wardrobe for those special occasions that pop up every now and then. Maybe a wedding, a concert or a formal event or a proposal…

While causal wear is fun and easy to carry off, nothing spells out elegance loud and clear like an evening gown.

Evening gowns are classy and sophisticated and the last thing you want is to end up choosing a style that was the rage last season. That would be a fashion disaster, not to mention financial disaster as evening gowns are expensive too.

Just so that you remain stylish and elegant and make no fashion faux pas, in your evening gown wear, we have put together this piece on the evening gown trends that are ruling in 2012.

The Top Evening Gown Trends in 2012

  1. Go Glamorous Girl

One striking message across the 2012 evening gown trends is glamor. The designs and colors are bold and in-your-face. Slip into these evening gowns and feel sexy and confident.  This split leg, deep pink evening gown below is one such example.

pink evening gown

 Bold and sexy evening gowns are the top trend in 2012


  1. Royal Colors Lend Elegance

Deep royal colors like blue, purple, and emerald green are the top most trends for evening gowns in 2012. This is a very predictable trend because royal hues add much to overall ensemble helping you both look and feel like the queen that you are.

deep royal evening gown

deep royal evening gown

Opt for deep royal shades of evening dresses to make an impact in 2012


  1.  One Shoulder Evening Gown Trends 2012

Strapless gowns are passé. 2012 is the time to bare just one shoulder. Whether you choose to keep your dress plain or frilly, you can’t go wrong with this trend for its sheer style quotient. Check out how these ladies are sizzling in it. This can be you.

strapless evening gown

one shoulder strap evening gown

One shoulder evening gowns are hot in 2012


  1. Thrill with Frills

Frills are back in a big way for evening gown trends in 2012. Create your own diva look by choosing a bright colour of the gown. And as per your personal preference, you can opt to go strapless or one shoulder or even a halter neck with this trend. The focus of the trend is the frills that push up the glam quotient of the overall look significantly.

Frill evening gown


  1. Mermaid Style Evening Gown Trend 2012

An extremely popular trend that has caught on for evening gowns in 2012 is the mermaid style design.  In our opinion, this trend may be a little difficult to pull off unless you have been hitting your gym regularly. But as we always say, if you have got it, flaunt it.  If you feel comfortable and confident that you carry this trend off, go right ahead. The options in terms of colors and styles are endless.

blue mermaid style evening gown

Can you carry this mermaid style evening gown off?

An occasion for an evening gown is usually very special. With these trends in mind now, you are all set to make the occasion stylish too. Have fun and enjoy the evening.