Dress Trends for Spring 2013

6 Trendiest Dresses for Spring 2013: Which One Will You Wear?

Among the wide variety of choices of outfits that a woman has at her disposal, the one fashion item that looks best on any woman and brings out her feminine side is a dress. Dresses bring grace, beauty and poise to women and research says that it’s easier for men to notice a woman wearing a dress rather than one who’s dressed in trousers.

Spring is just a few weeks away and if you want to charm your way through spring while enhancing your femininity and grace, then we’re here to help you. We have especially compiled for you a list of the trendiest dresses for Spring 2013. So all you can concentrate on is interpreting these trends and making them materialize right before your eyes while all we will do is present to you the chicest and most fashionable dresses for Spring 2013.

1. Bohemian Maxi Dresses

Spring will seem so incomplete without a Bohemian Maxi Dress. The trend of maxi dresses never dies and we’re glad they don’t because these dresses look so graceful and pretty. Plus, their versatility allows you to wear them anywhere you go. You can also pair these dresses with any kind of footwear that you like. Bohemian Maxi dresses look even better when you’re heavily accessorized with earrings, bangles and neckpieces.

Maxi Dresses

2. Baroque Dresses

We love baroque dresses for the unique pattern each and every fabric possesses. We wonder if we’d ever find two extremely similar baroque patterns. So if your goal is to look unique this spring, then you can go get yourself as many baroque dresses you like to wear a new one each week of Spring.

Dress Trends for Spring 2013

3. Floral Dresses

To bring the essence of Spring into your wardrobe, investing in some floral dresses will do you good. Floral prints reflect the freshness and beauty of the environment during the sunny months of spring and opting for floral dresses can bring out your beauty and freshness vividly by adding a spark of youthfulness to your entire look.

Dress Trends for Spring 2013

When you opt for floral dresses, you have some more choices laid before you, for example, the length of these dresses; floral Bohemian Maxi dresses are quite popular or you may choose to wear knee length or mini floral dresses. You also have a choice when it comes to the size of these floral prints; you can go with loud and large floral designs or you can choose to wear tiny floral prints. And no matter what you choose, every kind of floral print is in style and don’t worry, they will surely look great on you.

4. Printed Peplum Dresses

Peplums are the new craze among dresses. The best part about peplums is that they are quite body flattering and they enhance curves. You must have surely seen a number of stars stepping on the Red Carpet in 2012 dressed in peplums, but 2012 was the year of mono colored peplum dresses and adding a twist to this trend in Spring 2013 are printed peplums. So now you not only have a body flattering dress, but you also have a variety of colors draped on you to bring out your perky side.

 Dress Trends for Spring 2013

5. Canary Yellow Dresses

Introducing yellow, a color that was missing from the fashion ramp for quite a while, but designers have successfully managed to bring yellow back to the ramp in 2013 with some lovely pieces they showcased in their collection. Yellow in undoubtedly a color for spring and this is one color you can surely shine in because of its close ties to gold. Make hay while the sun shines so that you too can shine like a pretty girl in yellow.

Canary Yellow Dresses

6. Cut-out Dresses

Indulge in some naughty show of skin with cut out dresses that were brought to the ramp for 2013. You wouldn’t need to keep warm anymore in spring because winter will have long gone by then and so you can flaunt some skin this spring with some trendy cut-out dresses.

Dress Trends for Spring 2013

So these top 6 dress trends are going to be the most fabulous ones for Spring 2013 and you are lucky that you have now been updated on what to wear. So which of these trends is soon going to be your favorite one? Do let us know. However, we hope you loved them all.