Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

10 Worst Dressed Celebrities of 2012

Due to your awesome response to yesterday’s article on best dressed celebrities and your interest in reading about the worst dressed celebrities, here we present to you the article you wanted to read most.

One of you mentioned this in your email, “Don’t the celebrities’ outfits sometimes make you stop to wonder ‘what on earth were they thinking’?” Well, yes, we feel the same when celebrities go wrong with fashion. The worst part is that they are hardly ever given the space to forget their fashion faux pas because once a fashion disaster is created it goes down in history as Hollywood’s fashion misses.

What we have lined up for you today are the worst dressed celebrities in 2012. We have picked up outfits by those celebrities who manage to go wrong almost every time and even those who have faltered only on a few occasions. So if you are looking for something to educate yourself on what not to wear and lighten your mood at the same time, then this is the best place to be.

10. Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin is always dressed up so well in all the movies she stars in; it makes us wonder what happens to her outside the movies. Guess that is the extent to which a professional stylist can influence your look.  Do you think that Ginnifer has no mirror in her home and therefore cannot judge how good or bad she looks before stepping out? Or do you think it’s just her fashion sense that makes her falter most of the times?

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

9. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who can easily swing between the best dressed and the worst dressed celebrities of 2012 (don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post where she features in the best dressed celebs list). There is no denying that Kim sure knows how to flaunt her curves, but when this girl goes wrong, she really goes disastrously wrong and you can see that for yourself.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

8. Miley Cyrus

We could get a little dicey about Miley Cyrus because this wild singer has given us some really fashionably memorable outfits in the past. However, once she lost her precious locks to the scissors, the singer seems to have lost her sense of fashion as well. The outfits that she wears to her performances are the latest topic of controversy of Miley’s life.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

7. Mariah Carey

What seems up with Mariah Carey lately? The singer no longer possesses her earlier charm and fashion sense that made us fall in love with her when she rose to fame. It looks like Mariah is content with the number of fans she already has and doesn’t want to increase her fan-base based on her style.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

6. Demi Lovato

The problem with Demi Lovato is that she doesn’t dress up appropriately for her age. She manages to either look like a tiny tot or at times like an old lady. And for the times that she tries to look youthful, she goes wrong with it. It’s the choice of colors, patterns, hairdos and accessories that she messes up with.

Demi Lovato

5. Tilda Swinton

If you take one good look at Tilda Swinton, you can tell this actress is indeed a very pretty lady; however, she always opts for pale outfits, making her entire appearance look rather pale. Her beauty is hardly enhanced with the pale, dull, boring and ill-fitting clothes that she opts for and this is what works against her.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

4. Britney Spears

The worst possible outfits hit this baby all the time. Whether it is what she wears on stage for her performances, on the red carpet, on reality shows or in public, Britney sure needs some serious fashion tutoring to avoid creating blunders time and again.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

3. Rihanna

Rihanna’s outfits can sometimes get as controversial as her love life. Although Rihanna manages to charm us at times with her ensemble, she does give us quite a few ridiculous moments with hideous patterns, wrong color combinations and totally wrong choice of outfits. And the worst part is that Rihanna manages to go wrong even with her accessories and while on stage, her undergarments are on display 90% of the time.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

2. Nicky Minaj

Nicky Minaj is dressed for Halloween all through the year. We wonder if this singer is trying to catch up to Lady Gaga’s level. Well, that doesn’t concern us much. What does concern us is that Nicky Minaj really does have quite a creative sense of visualization to come up with the most hideous outfits and the confidence to strut about in public dressed in them.

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

1. Lady Gaga

There are some celebrities who manage to go beyond every level of human imagination and reach another world and no other celebrity manages to get as outrageous with their outfits as Lady Gaga does. A picture is worth a thousand words and with so many pictures of Lady Gaga and her disastrous fashion sense, need we say anything more?

Worst Dressed Celebrities 2012

It is true that celebrities cannot really afford to go wrong with fashion because their work revolves around fashion, but as humans tend to err, we’ve got to forgive them for their fashion errors. However, we would really love it if all our celebrities undertook a tutorial on how to dress well, for their own good.