Dip-Dye Hair Trend

Tips From The Stars: How To Achieve A Flawless Dip-Dye Hair Style This Season

You couldn’t possibly have though that just because summer is gone now, it automatically means that the dip-dye hair style is yesterday’s news. This bright and colorful trend grew so strong during the hot season that is almost impossible to stop now. If you think pink, blue or purple are too much to handle during the cold season, you can always switch for the more subtle ombre versions, that would look just as amazing this fall and winter. If you believe it’s time for a make-over, or you just want to experiment with this trend because you haven’t got the chance during the summer, don’t let anyone stop you. Celebrities and fashionistas alike are still reinventing themselves using new and fun dip-dye ideas and we are here to inspire you to try looking your best. Experimenting with new concepts it’s not necessarily an easy process to deal with, especially when it involves hair trends, but with a few advices, examples and useful tips, anything can lead to excellent results. And you will end up looking just as beautiful as you deserve.

Dip-Dye Hair Trend

The easiest and most common sense rule that will make sure your dip-dye hair experience will be a successful one, implies to start the coloring process on a healthy looking hair only. If your locks don’t look just as good as you’d wish they would, or if they appear rather damaged and rough, you should really take the time to work on some remedies first. It will make a world’s difference, we promise you that. Proceed with cutting off the split ends, invest in protein serums and leave-in conditioners to strengthen the hair, and take a break from any chemical services.


To achieve only the best of results and sport a professional looking dip-dye hair style, we seriously advice against experimenting with this trend at home. Unless you are absolutely sure you can make a tremendous job, or if you already tried this before and it worked perfectly for you. Otherwise, ask for an expert opinion on what would best work for you and let the hair style specialist take care of your transformation. It’s easier to trust their judgement and let them do the hard work, while you can seat back and relax throughout your entire make-over process.


If you don’t feel like committing to this trend for the long run, or if you happen to be unsure about how the end result will look like, you can always add colorful streaks to your locks, just to get a good glimpse on how it really feels. The process is way easier, it’s not permanent and it can be a nice way to keep playing with colors for as long as you wish. If you’re the kind of girl that gets bored with the hair changes extremely fast, than this is the right direction to follow.

Dip Dye Hair Style

If you want your dip-dye hair style to look polished and flawless, despite the crazy colors you plan on using, make sure to keep the natural shades on the top, and add that extra touch of drama towards the hair ends only. This is the most appropriate way to work with this hair trend, making it easier for you to maintain it, style it and even get rid off it in case it stops looking all that appealing. Reinventing yourself or making the most out of this trend, doesn’t require for you to go all over the top. It makes enough of a statement when it’s done right, so prevent your hair from looking crazy.

Dip-Dye Hair Style Ombre Effect

Like we previously mentioned, pink, blue or green might look a little bit too colorful for the cold season, unless you’re the adventurous type that loves to make an absolute statement when using this trend. Otherwise you should really go for the classic, and more subtle choice offered by the ombre effect. It looks interesting without being loud, it keeps things natural and toned down, it perfectly complements any hair style or make-up idea, but it’s still dip-dye. This would have to be my top choice, and I might eventually even go for it if I’ll keep starring at these gorgeous photos for too long. The whole point of trying any trend is to feel comfortable and more confident in the end.

While it’s true that the cold days are already here, and we are now searching the stores for cozy accessories to keep warm, I think a great dip-dye hair style would end up looking amazing even if it would be slightly hidden under a hat, bonnet, cap or beanie. Any season could represent that perfect time to embrace change, if the desire comes from the inside, so if you dream about a make-over, don’t waist more time. October works just as fine as June would.