Toe Nail Polish Trends

Flaunt Your Colorful Toes in Flip Flops: 6 Toe Nail Polish & Nail Art Trends for Spring & Summer 2013

With spring and summer just a few weeks away, it’s soon going to be that exciting time of the year to let your feet out of the boots and flaunt them in the summer sun. Let them tan a little and take in the freshness of summer and spring. But as your feet enjoy the warmth and brightness, are they flaunt-worthy? What makes them flaunt worthy?

A good pedicure and well moisturized feet make your feet flaunt worthy. And with summer bringing in the trend of wearing flip flops for the street, your feet ought to have some nail color too. So how are your feet going to be looking in flip flops this summer and spring? Read on about some lovely toe nail polish and nail art trends for spring and summer 2013 to keep your feet fashionable, trendy and smiling in the sun.

1. Glittering and Sparkling Nail Polishes

The ultimate nail polish trend for 2013 is glittering and sparkling nail polishes, whether it’s your finger nails or whether it’s your toe nails. A little dash of sparkle and glitter added to any color like blue, pink, green, gold and silver will give you this hottest trend of the season. For shiny toes and shinier feet, add a dash of glitter and keep your feet shining. So it’s glitter and sparkle all the way!

 Toe Nail Polish Trends

2. Metallic Nail Polishes

Oooh, these metallic colors were THE RAGE and still are the rage. How obsessed are you with metallic nail polishes like silver, gold and bronze? If the rage still hasn’t sunk it, it is high time it does because these metallic colors are one of the hottest trends in nail color for 2013 and these colors make your feet look truly fabulous. So go on and get some really pretty metallic colors for the most fabulous feet in spring and summer.

Toe Nail Polish Trends

3. Floral Nail Art

Do you love the flowers that bloom in summer and spring and the colors you see all around you; green, red, pink, yellow and purple? So why don’t you incorporate what you love into your style and come up with some fabulous toe nail art? Floral toe nail art may be difficult to achieve but it sure is all worth the effort.

You may get it done by a professional or you may simply get some nail stamps and have the most fabulous looking nails within seconds. Either way, floral toe nail art is going to be hot in spring. Don’t forget to buy some floral print flip flops to go with your floral nail art.

Toe Nail Polish Trends

 4. Summer and Spring Colors

So what are the colors that you see around you during spring? The bright green leaves, the yellow sun, a bright blue sky and many, many bright colored flowers. So why don’t you make it a point to go get each color of nail polish that you see in nature during spring and summer and put them on your toes? Not only will you perfectly complement nature; but you will also be in vogue.

 Toe Nail Polish Trends

5. Animal Print Nail Art

Just like you enjoy the bright sun in spring and summer, animals too are known to love the sunny months. So here’s your chance to showcase your love for animal prints and show these prints the light of day with some trendy animal print nail art. You name an animal with a vivid print and you can have that as your nail art. That’s how popular animal print nail art is these days.

Toe Nail Polish Trends

Leopards, tigers, zebras and cobras, you can have them all. Also, you need not stick to primary animal print colors; keeping the print constant, you can simply opt for a different and funky background color to give your animal print nail art a trendy twist.

6. Glossy Toe Nails

Flaunting pale toe nails isn’t a very attractive choice for summer and spring. But there is something for everyone when it comes to fashion and so if you dislike wearing nail polish and nail art, never leave your nails looking pale. Get a coat of transparent nail enamel so that your nails keep looking pretty, shining and glossy in the summer sun.

If you are excited to try all these lovely nail polishes and nail art right away, you sure may, because with the winter chill still in the air, you won’t be bringing out your flip flops for the next few weeks for sure.