Top 10 Celebrity Fashion Disasters in 2012: Total Wreckage Ahead!

Sometimes the world is struck with naturally occurring calamities such as floods and earthquakes while at other times, we experience those created by humans. One of the many man-made disasters is also witnessed in the world of glitz and glamor! Sometimes, (some of them do so almost all the time) fashion forward celebrities take not one but several steps either behind or ahead of the current trend! And this gets them placed in the ‘worst dressed’ list which they detest. This is not called being experimental, instead it is simply outrageous and a pain to look at!

Let us study the top ten celebrity fashion disasters witnessed in this year and take a lesson from their atrocious fashion choices.

nicki minaj at the grammys 2012

The first star to get it horribly wrong in terms of fashion this year is none other than Nicki Minaj. No doubt her singing is flawless and the songs are hard to resist but unfortunately we cannot say the same about her dressing style. It is not bad to have an eclectic style like Lady Gaga but seems like Nicki Minaj just loves to go overboard with her ‘fashion craziness’. Here’s the perfect example that explain our above mentioned verdict:

The 2012 Grammy Awards is perhaps the biggest event for the music industry and all of the fashion disasters reported that night, Nicki Minaj maintained her position at the top (of being the worst dressed).  Her arrival in huge, shockingly red hooded attire which took inspiration from the little riding hood raised many eyebrows. We are yet to understand as to why she chose to wear that migraine provoking red gown! Her accomplice was an unidentified man dressed as a Pope. And what exactly was the idea behind the figure whose face outline made its appearance on her dress?


She was one of the whole lots who appalled fashion watchers in her lace dress, in a hard to ignore orange color. Wait; there was another color besides orange! It was black. See for yourself:

Yeah we think she did forget to dress up and went for anything that was handed to her at the last minute. Also, showing off your black lingerie (especially high waist granny underwear) courtesy, the see through evening gown was nowhere close to admiration. This Jean Paul Gaultier design had the hue right but other than that, it made her look kind of trashy.


Amanda Peet

Her excessively frilly dress bore strong resemblance to a big, tiered cake (apt for weddings you see)! And it did prove that even subtle fashion disasters make fashion critics frown. At the 2012 Golden Globe Awards, her dressing sense for the formal event did no justice to her beauty. Better luck next time, Amanda!

Disasters Continue

Kim Kardashian

She is another hot shot socialite that never fails to make it to the fashion disaster list. This year was no different and saw her settling for the bottom position in the all ratings- all thanks to the awry wardrobe choice she made.

Kim Kardashian fashion disaster

Her eye grabbing curvaceous bod was wrapped up in an ill fitted knitted dress which ran from her neck to her knees ending in a bizarre asymmetrical hemline. The end result of it? It mounted heaps of additional pounds to her already voluptuous silhouette. Oh it did remind us of the robe Princess Leia donned in Star Wars trilogy. Plus, her python skin boots did manage to annoy PETA once again.

Paris Hilton

She has all the potential to strike an impression with her outfit choices but we fail to comprehend why she chooses to stay on the disastrous track most of the time?  At Coachella 2012, she decided to wear a maxi skirt that had a diagonal striped pattern all over it along with a white coloured bandeau. To be honest, this outfit which she seemed happy to flaunt around did nothing at all.

nicole scherzinger tall animal print boots fashion disaster

Nichole Scherzinger

The day the singing sensation wore this particular outfit proved quite unlucky for her as it did nothing to make a fashion icon. We could not really figure out as to what made her combine the knee length dress with high boots. They just do not complement each other! Talking about her accessories, the chunky, dull colored bracelets did not go well with the overall look. Nicole Scherzinger could have totally rocked the look had she replaced these boots with elegant footwear. Sigh!

Up next is Natalie Portman who was yet another disappointment at the current year’s high profile Oscar Awards. Instead of opting for a sinfully gorgeous evening gown to draw compliments, Natalie seemed to have made up her mind to do just the contrary. The dark all red Christian Dior gown made her totally unflattering!

katy perry fashion disaster

Katy Perry

‘Oh how mesmerizing her voice and looks are’! That’s the kind of compliments fans have always been giving whenever the name of this singer comes up. But, her recent fashion choices are making the same lot react in shock! You too will exclaim in despair like we did after casting a glance at Katy Perry’s unsightly chemise she wore at an award ceremony. Doesn’t it make her look so gloomy and far more mature than her age? Lately, it seems she has not been paying any attention to her wardrobe. Probably that’s why she transformed into a mess rather.

Another star that won’t make it to the title of being a role model in fashion in the near future is Britney Spears. ‘Ugh’ looking boots and hideous halter neck makes the thirty year old rather weird. And one advice for Britney is to get back in shape before trying on figure hugging, short dresses. Take for example the one she wore for the show X factor:

Britney Spears fashion disaster


Meryl Steep

She did bag the award for the best actress in the movie ‘The Iron Lady’ but that day she actually looked like a ‘Gold lady’! Her gold colored evening gown looked totally lame. Plus, the terrible fit and the exaggerated shoulders didn’t make an impressive image.

These stars should wake up and take fashion seriously. Else they just might lose out on their fan base!