Date Night Fashion

Charm Your Man on Date Night with These Top 10 Dresses For Dates

Getting ready for a special date?

Facing a dilemma about what to wear?

Looking for an outfit that will pack gorgeous, flirty, sexy, beautiful, impressive, confident and feminine all in one?

There is nothing better you can throw on for a date than a dress to impress your man (unless you don’t mind, wear only lingerie).

Dressing up for a date is one of the many fun aspects of date night. But when you don’t know what to wear and can’t seem to find the right outfit to make a striking impression on your date, you will be plucking out each strand of your hair until the last minute.

Date Night Fashion

Lucky for you, we’ve got some great date fashion advice today. Approved by all the handsome men out there and prescribed by the fashionistas as fashion rules for 2013, we present to you the Top 10 dresses your man would love to see you in.

Leave him mesmerized and charm him with just one look as you flaunt each of these dresses on your dates and make an impression to last a lifetime.

1. Floral Dress

No girl can go wrong with a floral dress in summer and spring. So, update your wardrobe for the new season with a floral print dress. It will also help you augment your feminine side while on your date and that’s something guys really love.

Floral dress date Night Fashion

Complete your look with a pair of nude pumps, oversize earrings and an oversize envelope clutch.

nude pumps, oversized earings and envelope clutch

2. White Dress

Guys find women in white irresistibly angelic. Let the heater tune itself a few degrees higher as you walk through that door in a stunning white dress and knock your date off his feet.

White Dress Date Night Fashion

Complete your look with shiny metallic silver pumps and a chic silver box clutch. Don’t forget those diamond studs in your ears. They help accentuate your face.


3. Silk Shirt Dress

If you want to showcase your independent side to your date, there is no better way to do it than in a silk shirt dress. Also, make sure you choose a striking color like electric blue to bring that jolt of trendiness into your look. And don’t forget to insist on getting the bill.

Silk Shirt Dress

Complete your look with a heavy necklace to keep that feminine charm alive. Wrap your waist around a brown leather belt and slip into a pair of brown gladiator sandals.

brown leather belt and brown gladiator sandals

4. Butterfly Print Dress

Bring the magic of summer to life with a butterfly print dress. Perfect for lunch as well as dinner dates, this beautiful dress will bring out the color in your eyes.

Butterfly Print Dress

Complete your look with a pair of classy black pumps and a golden string black clutch.

black pumps and golden string purse

5. Tribal Print Dress

The classic spring dress after a floral one is a tribal print dress. You can sport a tribal print dress for a casual date where you want to bring out your fun side. Tribal prints flatter a woman’s body and stand out well. If you want your date to catch a good glimpse at you, a tribal print dress is the way to go, girl.

Tribal Print Dress

Complete your look with a pair of black gladiators and loads of junk jewelry.

black gladiators and junk jewelry.

6. Striped Dress

Since stripes are very much in vogue this year, gift your wardrobe a pretty black and white striped dress. So the next time you’re running helter-skelter looking for a dress for date night, your wardrobe will surprise you with a classy striped dress waiting right there for you.

Striped Dress

Complete your look with a pair of red peep toe pumps and if it’s a little cold, an off white shrug will add to the charm of your dress.

red peep toe pumps and white shrug

7. Short Sundress                        

If your date is taking you out on a picnic to the park, a walk by the beach, an evening walk around town or by a lovely meadow, a short sundress is perfect for a daylight date. Stick to being feminine, just the way your man likes it.

Short Red Sundress

Complete your look with a fedora, gladiator sandals or wedges and a pair of sunglasses.

fedora, gladiator sandals, wedges and sunglasses

8. Animal Print Dress         

Showcasing your wild side to your date will come easy with an animal print dress. Show your man the strong, confident and fierce woman that you are in a leopard or tiger print dress that flatters your body.

Animal Print Dress

Complete your look with brown or tan pencil heels and a golden box clutch.

tan pencil heels and golden box clutch

9. Cut Dress

Cut dresses are meant for ultimate sexiness. Making your date fall head over heels in love with you at first sight would require you to bring out that cut dress. Show off some skin, look drop dead gorgeous and you’re ready for the sexiest night of your life.

Cut Dress

Complete your look with nude pumps. Don’t accessorize heavily, you don’t want another focal point in your look.

nude pumps

10. Little Black Dress

The ultimate savior of all date nights is here.

little black dress is a must have in your wardrobe. You do not need a reason or a specific season to flaunt this sexy dress. Just slip into one and you can be rest assured your date is going to be highly impressed.

Black dress

Complete your look with black pumps if you’re going for a chic look. If you want to keep it funky, you can wear pumps in any bright color you want.

Bright colored heels

Throughout this compilation, have you ever stopped to think why men love to see a woman in a dress? That’s because no other ensemble defines a woman’s femininity better than a dress. And when he has you in a dress, he feels he has a trophy in his arms. So why not make him feel that way on your next date?

And coming to the most important question, which one of these lovely dresses are you going to wear on your next date?

And whether or not you lead an active dating life, these dresses showcased to you above are what every woman’s wardrobe needs for 2013. So why not give each of these a try and keep your wardrobe up to date with the fashion trends of 2013?