Top 10 Hottest Miniskirt Fashion Trends 2012

The cliché goes, a miniskirt should hide only as much as is needed to keep the curiosity intact! The most important thing to be kept in mind is that you do not reveal anything more than it should. To don a mini-skirt what do you need? A ‘fab bod’ with extremely shapely legs? Well yes, that would be great, but even without them, all you ladies out there can flaunt a miniskirt this year and be most comfortable in it. Yes all ladies, minis calling you! In 2012, mini-skirts of diverse patterns and designs have been introduced on to the fashion world to adorn your beauty.

If you have a petite frame, showing off your legs can make you look a few inches taller! It takes a lot of pluck to show off that much skin though! For those who cannot summon up so much courage, they can pair up these skirts with stockings and leggings as seen in the picture below. It’s your personal choice really if you do not want to look that hot and desirable!

red striped miniskirt

1) Be it short and tight or flared and ruffled, brighter hues look more chic and flamboyant, if you want more than due attention, go for a striped (in above example) or printed one!

2) Mini-skirts paired with long boots almost never go out of trend and they definitely are one of the top 10 hottest miniskirt fashion trends of 2012. The heels with a right length add charm to your legs and make them look even more stunning.

3) In 2012, mini-skirts with sequins and sparkle are sure to add zing and dazzle to any party you go to. They come in attention-grabbing tints like black, silver, red, gold, deep purple and many more. You can pair up your choice of colour with a trendy top and watch the magic. How you want your outfit to turn out depends a lot on the type of top you pair it with. It becomes a complete party dress if coupled with a glamorous top. And you can wear it during the day if you couple it with a relatively simple top.

black miniskirt

The most common length in mini-skirts is about 5-6 inches above your knee level. However, if you have those perfect long legs tailor-made for super-short hemlines, you can opt for a micro-mini and go up even further.

For your legs and mini-skirt to look like a super-cool pair, a set of lightly tanned legs will be perfect. If you are not the exact colour, try some make-up with the legs. You can use the spray which will hide all the little flaws and will let you flaunt a perfect duo!

cream miniskirt

4) If you are a little shy-type and are hesitant about baring so much skin, or you are worried about the cold, you can very well use the ornate opaque or fishnet tights. Ornate opaque or fishnet tights figure in the top 10 hottest miniskirt fashion trends of 2012. Make sure you wear these with flats as an alternative to heels or stilettos.

5) Loose top or shirt in 2012: Always pair a tight-fitting mini-skirt with a loose top or shirt and wear a taut styled top with a flared mini. You may try any amount of variations in the pattern and design of your mini-skirt, but always keep the top a low profile one.

6) Go bold this year and go right ahead and try the very trendy gathered mini-skirt with waist-bands in gold or silver.

pink floral miniskirt

7) For those of you with a pear-shaped body, the year 2012 has the above patterns of miniskirts as the best ones available for you! Mini-skirts come in a lot of varieties to suit various body types. It should be only a few inches above your knee to complement your body shape. The pattern should preferably be straight or A-line. Your skirt should go with short, waist-length top and high heels to make your legs look leaner.

floral miniskirt

8) For those of you with an apple-shaped body, you can choose to sport almost any mini-skirt. However, in 2012 the trend is such that in order to balance your broad shoulders, fashion experts recommend the one with a flare. To divert attention to the lower part of your body, wear a long top or jacket or accessorize with a low slung belt. It is the best way to turn heads to your shapely derrière.

flared miniskirt

9) Do you have an hour-glass figure, a thin waistline and a liberally endowed upper and lower body? Well in that case worry not, as the fashion experts bring the latest trend of 2012 for you – they advise you to avoid tight-fitting or baggy skirts. They further opine that the material of the skirt should not be too thick to avoid adding volume to your lower body. You can accentuate your asset, your thin waistline, by wearing a mini-skirt that is defined at the waist or dress up in a top that has detailing at the waist.

light brown colored miniskirt

10) Finally what’s the fashion experts’ advice about the accessories to team-up with miniskirts in 2012? We get their advice right here for you: You should be very modest and restrained with accessories while stepping out in a mini-skirt. Dazzling pair of earrings and bright stilettos are appropriate. The necklace and the purse or handbag should not be over the top.

The fact is that all women would love to sport a mini-skirt, whether they do it or not. It is one garment which is always a rage!  Don’t miss out on adding this refreshing element to your wardrobe this summer.