Bright Coloured Gloves Trends 2012

Top 10 Latest Mitten Gloves Trends 2012

There comes a point during winter, when even the most attractive hand accessories we own don’t stand a chance against the warmer and equally stylish alternatives represented by gloves. Each season brings along new and fashionable options that make us want to wear them every single day, for pleasure and looks rather than need of protecting ourselves against the cold.

Time and time again, gloves have proven to be more than obvious choices for the freezing months of winter, as they became quite the staples of elegance and style. Able to complement an outfit to perfection, these comfy accessories went beyond their practical purpose and evolved beautifully with each passing year. Of course, it was the top designers who ended up influencing the gloves trends by turning them into real statement accessories for their high-end garments.

While it’s true that 2012 is rapidly approaching an end, some of its major gloves trends are being carried successfully into the new year. That’s exactly why we decided to feature the top 10 gloves trends that are encountering a real high note at the moment, hoping to influence your future buys.

Leather Glove Trends 2012

Leather marks the one fabric that is constantly present on the fashion radar, toughening things up with its powerful attitude and edgy features. When it comes to gloves, leather is definitely the most sophisticated yet common approach, due to its incomparable qualities and luxurious feel. Able to add a final touch to an utterly glamorous gown, just as easily as it can perfect a cool downtown look, the leather gloves, in any of their endless variations represent a worthy investment.

black leather gloves

Mitten Trends 2012

Playful and youthful, the mittens are the kind of gloves that involve casualness and nonchalance best. Ideal for a snow fight in the middle of winter, and going great against smartly layered outfits topped with warm scarves and hats, the mittens stand for simplicity and timeless qualities.

Mitten Gloves


Wool Glove Trends 2012

Nothing reads winter better than wool, especially if that wool is infused with sophisticated threads and an impeccable design. Elongated or not, colorful or not, modern or traditional, the wool gloves should definitely not miss from a woman’s wardrobe during this long, cold season.

Wool Gloves

Knitted Glove Trends 2012

Definitely on the more traditional side of fashion that translates to folk motifs and a clean, simple concept, the knitted gloves represent a rather trans-seasonal staple, playing upon subtle quirkiness and hand-crafting accents. Balancing style with comfort, the knits are a winter essential.

Knitted Gloves

Fingerless Glove Trends 2012

For the unconventional personalities who love to mix practicality with some modern twists, the fingerless gloves represent a fashionable option due to their unexpected characteristics. Available in a full spectrum of fabulous designs and prints, this trend isn’t going away for sure.

Fingerless Gloves

Printed Glove Trends 2012

As always, prints make for the most outstanding garments and accessories, regardless if we’re talking dresses, coats, hats, bags or gloves. Nothing looks more lively and unique than a well chosen print either geometric, floral or animal. The printed gloves are still highly influential, so this season is the perfect time to finally embrace your fun and unique personality.

Pinted Gloves

Bright Colored Glove Trends 2012

Gorgeous looking, lively and inspiring, the bright colored gloves infuse our muddy winter outfits with some bold accents. We’re talking shades of red, purple, pink, yellow and cobalt that would clearly help make a statement this season. Don’t be afraid to give them a try!

Bright Colored Gloves

Neutral Colored Glove Trends 2012

Flawlessly embodying supreme elegance and a refined aesthetic, the neutral colored gloves make for timeless accessories, that are extremely versatile and luxurious. Representing the classier take on gloves, sometimes embellished by fur inserts, these versions are fit for the exquisite ladies.

Neutral Colored Gloves

Animal Print Glove Trends 2012

Seasons arrived and season went by, but despite its wild character the animal print trend managed to hold its top position when it comes to loud, bold and ravishing patterns. The animal print gloves would represent a playful and chimeric addition to a lady-like wardrobe this season.

Animal Print Gloves

Floral Printed Glove Trends 2012

Making for more attractive, romantic and unique translations, the floral printed gloves are defined by femininity and delicacy. Easy to style and sophisticated enough to enhance the qualities of a winter outfit, the floral gloves are what the boldly romantic personalities will search for this season.

Floral Printed Gloves

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