Top 5 Nail Polish Designs for Winter 2012

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. So, when you look at yourself in the mirror, do you find the person staring back at you beautiful?

Looking beautiful is not only about having flawless skin, the perfect figure or clothes from the biggest brands. Looking beautiful is about maintaining yourself from head to toe. You may have the prettiest shoes, but a pair of ill maintained feet won’t grace them or you may have the largest rock on your diamond ring, but chipped nail polish and teeth-bitten nails will steal away glory.

For overall beauty, it is essential to take care of every aspect to look and feel confident. To help you establish a perfect and complete image, we bring to you a trendy and stylish collection of nail polish trends and designs for winter 2012. Let’s welcome winter 2012 with a lovely round of applause and as you applause let those hands look their prettiest best adorned in dazzling nail polishes.

Presenting to you the top nail polish designs and trends for winter 2012:

1. To Look Modern, Ancient is the Way to Go

Cave paintings that were created in ancient times depict women’s nails filled with color. While some women were painted showcasing standard, single colored nails, a couple of other women were depicted with animal prints on their nails. Birds like eagles and wild animals like lions were a popular feature in ancient nail styling fashion. If women back then could stylishly grace their nails, we modern women can do it too. With the variety in colors and instruments used for nail art we can certainly take many steps ahead to have animals on our finger nails. There are a number of trendy animal designs available for you to choose from.


Animal caces nail designs

If an animal-face on your nails doesn’t really sound appealing to you, you can opt for animal prints on your nails like the prints of a tiger, cheetah, leopard or giraffe, the spots of a Dalmatian or the stripes of a zebra.


animal print nail designs

 2. Play with Colors

You can play with the colors you wish by painting every nail with a different color. That makes 10 nails with 10 different nail polish colors. You can mix and match as you pick a color from your collection. You do not need to stick to a theme or a color combination and you can just go with the many colors that you see in your collection of nail polishes. This is certainly a fun way to experiment with nail colors.

different color nail polish on fingers

 If you want to add some nail art to every finger, you can do so by combining different colours and painting different designs on each nail. You can also separate the same or different colours on each nail by painting a band of white between them.

3. Holiday Themed Nails

The season of festivities is round the corner and there is no better way to grace your nails than having a holiday themed nail colour trend. You can try nail-art with Christmas trees or mistletoe. You can also colour your nails black and top them up with a splash of bright colours to make it look like fireworks shining in all glory in the dark night’s sky.

holiday themed nail polish If nail polish and nail art doesn’t excite you much, you still have an option for winter nail polish trends by coloring your nails white. Can you guess why this would be a trend? Well because during the winter months, the United Kingdom is all awash in white snow. You can add the same effect to your nails with white snowy nail polish. 😉

4. Unusual Colors

The trend of wearing unusual nail colors is gaining mass popularity and is sure to be a hot fashion trend for winter. You will find yourself simply amazed with the host of new colours that you will see on a nail polish stand in a store. You will be left wondering if the colours you just saw even existed. Try these new nail polish colors and look stylish all through this winter.

 unusual nail color designs

 5. Rusty Nails

Rust colored nail polishes like reddish brown are in fashion this season. With these colors, you can save yourself the time and trouble that nail art takes and still stay fashionable with these fresh new colors.

rusty nail color designs

Wearing nail polish can be very exciting and fun. Try these top 5 designs for this season and make your nails look fashionable and pretty for a complete, perfect and stylish overall look.