Top 10 Party/Evening Makeup Trends 2012

Are you wondering what make-up to wear to the party tonight? You can look as glamorous as want without a lot of effort. The most natural and relaxed look is pretty much in vogue in 2012. A smudged, imperfect look is what most women in the party circle are going for.

How difficult is it to look natural and striking at the same time? It is definitely not an easy task. But with the right make-up tools, it doesn’t take a lot of time to get that you’re chasing. The most important is looking the most beautiful and confident after the party.

Here are the simple ‘Party Makeup’ rules that will bring out the best in your facial features:

  1. To begin with, the trend is to do away with the mascara or use it minimally in the same colour as your hair, unless you belong to Lady Gaga’s troupe!! If you do not want to use mascara, adorn your eye-lashes with a touch of petroleum jelly after opening them up with a lash curler.

red lipstick

  1. Let’s come to the sexiest bit, your lips. One of the trendiest lip make-up tips is to apply a bright colour to the centre of your pout and pressing the lips together to get a lesser hue towards the edges. Another way would be to carelessly apply a lipstick instead of drawing it carefully over your lips.

Woman with red lipstick

Your look can be complemented with natural-looking glistening hair. Hair should be washed only on alternate days for better, healthier hair.

woman with bronze lipstick

3. Before applying any make-up, make sure that you apply a moisturizer to suit your skin type. Dry skin doesn’t respond well to any quality or any expertise in make-up.

For all those who want to hide those years and take them off your look, reach out for a right concealer. It is THE magic tool.

Choose a concealer which doesn’t give a cakey look, glides smoothly on your skin and doesn’t make your skin dry. It should add a little moisture to your skin, so that the fine lines and wrinkles do no stand out.

Concealers come at various prices and it isn’t necessary that only the expensive ones are good. You can choose the one that suits your skin tone and your pocket! With the right concealer, you will get an instant face-lift without spending thousands at a dermatologist’s!

Instead of applying the concealer directly under your eyes, dab a dot below your eye, right in line with the pupil. Dab 2-3 more dots near the outer corners of your eyes. Now blend the concealer in an upward and outward motion. You shouldn’t blend in any other direction else your eyes won’t get the much-needed lift. Dab a little concealer between your eye and the nose to conceal any darkness in that area.

natural colored lipstick

To enhance the area around your mouth, just dab one dot on each corner and blend upwards for an immediate lift.

Any little uneven coloration or spots on your skin can be lessened with a tiny concealer dab. The result will be a more flawless looking skin.

4. It is completely untrendy to apply any powder over the concealer effect. It makes the skin dry and accentuates the flaws.

To make your skin flawless, include cleansing it in your routine. It smoothens your skin, doesn’t dry it up and takes away excess oil.

5. Never go to bed without washing your face, however tired you might be. The makeup or dirt sits there all night and chokes your pores.

6. It is quite out of vogue to use different colors on your face. Make sure that all the colors on your face go hand in hand.

woman with bright pink lipstick

This season matte look is again in vogue. Keep your shimmering tools at bay for the time being.

woman wearing purple lipstick

7. Don’t forget to use some blush on your cheekbones to give your face a perfect shape. You can contour your cheeks by blushing on in the horizontal direction to make your narrow face look a little broad or vertical application to make a wide face look thinner.

wman with matte blusher and pink lipstick

Aren’t we all multifaceted personalities? So are the effects of our make-up! We keep doing up our faces, hair and dress up to match these roles in parallel. I am sure most of us don’t have even a few minutes to switch from our look at work to the following high-end party. Trust me, you don’t at all have to give up looking good even if you are pressed for time.

8. The fresh and nude or natural look is again in vogue. A nude look that exudes radiance needs the right choice of products. First of all, base the make-up with a foundation that exactly matches your skin tone, a natural eye-shadow, and good mascara, a little blush on your cheekbones and a very neutral lip-gloss or lipstick for the final touch.

 woman with natural makeup

9. As a stark contrast to the nude look, reds, oranges and purples in lip colors are completely trendy. You should choose a color to suit your skin tone and complexion. A flawless skin would go great with vampy lips!

 bright spakling lips


bright red sparkling lips

10. In 2012, the thin eyebrows have been replaced by the more natural, thicker ones! Eyebrow pencils can be put to some more use this season. Some fashion houses advocate the ‘boyish eyebrow’ look!

woman with natural thick brows

I wanted to give you an additional Party Makeup Trend; so here it is:

11. It’s quite in-vogue to do up your eyes with a bright eye-shadow to complement your clothes. This needs to be worn with a light shade of lipstick so as to draw attention to your eyes.

woman with bright eye shadow and natural lipstick

woman with green eyes and green eye makeup

In a nutshell, you should go with the look that you think suits you the best. You will feel and look most confident if you think you look great. And beauty is more about feeling strong, confident and knowing you. Make-up is an add-on to enhance your beauty.