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Top 10 Saree Trends of 2012 that will Make Heads Turn

The saree is one of the most beautiful dresses in the world. Originating in India, it has succeeded to capture the imagination of international pop icons and celebrities, the latest being Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey. The sarees have been used extensively in Hindi movies and Bollywood has played an immense role in deciding the fashion trends of the saree.

Extremely versatile in character, the saree can become a power dressing for the woman in the boardroom and change completely into a sexy outfit for a party. Big names in the fashion industry invest heavily into bringing out the best designs in a saree for the Indian royalty, actresses and celebrities. From Indian weddings in India, the UK and all over the world to the international red carpet, the saree has created a very special space for itself.

Here are some of the latest trends of the sarees for 2012 that you can use to look your best.

1) Nivi Saree Style

2012 has seen the emergence of the Nivi Saree Style. This had become the most famous style of draping a saree. Not only does this saree style look good, it is also comfortable and easy to manage. When pinned properly, the look can be very crisp and classy.

Nivi Saree Style

 2) Silk Chiffon and Royal draping style

The Saree was the garment of choice of Indian Royalty since times immemorial. The Maharani’s of India experimented with various styles of draping sarees and made them extremely popular with the masses. Maharani Indira Devi, Maharani Gayatri Devi, and many others made certain styles of draping the saree unique and chic. The silk chiffon saree worn in royal draping style emerges at the second position in the top styling trends of 2012.

Silk Chiffon and Royal draping saree style

 3) Silk Sarees

Silk sarees have ruled the roost for many years and continue to do so. They are the choice of fabric for sarees for weddings and other social occasions. Elegant, bright and beautiful, silk sarees give you that rich and classy look. Silk sarees originated in the southern states of India but have reached almost all corners of the world. There are many varieties that you can choose from, Kanjivaram, Bangalore Silk, Kora Silk, etc.

Silk Sarees

 4) Bollywood Saree Style

The Hindi film industry in India borrows the saree heavily and has been responsible for new fashion trends for the saree. International fashion designers and actresses constantly experiment with the designs of the sarees and draping styles. Following the saree trends can make you look sizzling hot. So men, beware!

  Bollywood Saree Style 

5) International Saree Styles

With the saree catching the fancy of designers outside India, 2012 has witnessed a new trend in sarees that have an international appeal. Many international designer houses such as Emilio Pucci launched their gown collections inspired by the Indian saree. Another major fashion house, Hermes, has launched limited edition sarees in India. With beautiful vibrant colors and designs, the sarees are extremely trendy and comfortable to wear. Check out some of the most beautiful and unique saree designs by Hermes. Warning: Very expensive!

International Saree Styles

 6) Designer Sarees

Designer Sarees are customized sarees or a range of very exclusive sarees from the top designers. Notable Indian designers are Sabyasachi, Rina Dhaka and many more. Designer sarees are unique with lots of variations in the embroidery and have gold and silver carved into the intricate work. These sarees are not for the faint heart!

Sabyasachi Collection Sarees


7) Banarasi Saree Style

The Banarasi Saree Style remains popular in 2012 for its traditional designs and trademark colors. Available in gorgeous floral and geometrical designs, the Banarasi sarees are a popular choice for wedding wear in the eastern states of India. A must have collection of sarees! Go for the latest designs of the classical Banarasi in bright colors.

Banarasi Saree Style

8) Organza Sarees Style

The sheer fabric of the Organza sarees is comfortable, chic and can lend you that oomph factor. Made with silk and polyester, the Organza sarees are easy to maintain and wear. Organza sarees are a rage among various women in the UK. One of the best style trends for parties, you can wear an elaborately designed Organza saree in the daytime too without looking overdressed. Go for the contrast floral designs on bright shades for the right look.

Organza Sarees Style

9) Sonepuri/ Bomkai Saree Style

These sarees from the Indian state of Orissa have caught the fancy of the saree wearing population like a wildfire. With beautiful patterns and colors, the overall look of the saree is delicate and demure. You can wear for formal occasions or daytime parties with ease. The colors in the borders give you ample scope to wear as many accessories as you like in the colors that you like.

Bomkai Saree Style

 10) Zardosi Saree Style

Zardosi or zari sarees have remained in vogue forever. The style trend for zari remains with the gold, silver embroidery with glittered yarn that lends a shining and ultra-glamorous look to the saree. Synonymous with weddings, Zardosi sarees are one of the most beautiful sarees in India but can be heavy to wear depending on the amount of work done. A must have for every woman.

Zardosi Saree Style


This rounds up the style trends for the saree that can make you look glamorous, sexy and beautiful. One of the most amazing qualities of a saree is how it can make you taller and slimmer. Another important facet of wearing the saree is the accompanying blouse that often is packed in with the fabric. You can choose from the traditional styles or the more contemporary ones for the blouse to complete the look. The saree allows you to accessorize as you please with gold, silver or even modern jewellery.

An extremely versatile dress, the saree can be draped in many ways. From the modern Nivi style to the more glamorous regional styles of Bengal or Maharashtra, the saree adds a new dimension to you. So go ahead and choose from these saree trends of 2012 to make heads turn wherever you go.