Garnier ambre solaire no streaks bronzer

Top 10 Self Tanners: Blend in the Magical Powers of Self Tanners!

Nowadays, sunless tanning also known by many names such as UV free tanning, self tanning etc is equally a necessity as an accessory. The close relation between over exposure to the sun rays and the probability of suffering from skin cancer has led to quick acceptance of Self tanners. These soak all the ultra violet rays and screen them from going deep into the skin. Self tanners enable people to get the sun tanned look sans hours of exposure to the sun. It is time to stop relying on the fickle UK sunshine and switch!

So girls, we bring to you the Top 10 self tanners so that you do not end up buying the ‘good for nothing’ ones. Let’s go through each of the products. For easy to do and quick tanning, look no further than He- Shi Express Liquid Tan! It is the finest self tanning products from the entire range of tanners that can be made use of on the face and/or body to notice instant tanning upon skin contact. The results derived can be best described as a bronze complexion that looks nothing short of being luscious.

He-Shi is not just quick to dry it leaves no patches or bothersome streaks. This is the reason why you must have always noticed beauty salons of high professional standards making use of He-Shi. Another plus point is that they are gentle on every skin type giving no room to allergic skin reactions. For use at home, all you need is a time span of nothing over ten minutes and a pair of He- Shi mitts for smooth finishing. Also, do note that making circular movements during application of the liquid will render complete outer layer skin absorption. Post ten minutes, you are sure to achieve a natural looking skin tone that consists of no overpowering odour.


 Look Sun Kissed  


Next up, comes a trusted self tanner known as Xen-Tan. This self tanning product can be aptly titled as a “revolution” as it has and continues to blow the users away by its extraordinary results. This one doesn’t just claim to have overcome every single drawback associated with futile self tanning products but has actually proven so. Tan lovers cannot look at any tanner besides Xen- Tan! It provides a silky smooth finish and a lustrous olive tone with no unwanted smell. Make- up artists of some of the known celebrities consider Xen-Tan as a fool proof self tan giving it the title of being similar to “Ibiza within a bottle”. Truly!

Developing-St Tropez Mousse: This top listed self tanner makes its way into the top ten list because it takes into account the fact that the product has to be used by untrained people thus, ease of use is kept simple. This is what makes St Tropez Mousse one of the hot selling products. This self tanner assures you of a compatible tone which looks like you have just returned from a long sunny day at the beach resulting in a gorgeous glow. The mousse with a velvety consistency is the one you’d love to possess not just owing to the patch and streak free tan but also the conditioning it offers.

Yes! Aloe Vera conditions while tanning your face or body while Aroma guard technology gives a subtle fragrance.

A Must Have Tan To Wear This Summer!


Vita Liberata: This is the one for you! This one truly works effectively each time. Vita Liberata does not contain ingredients of paraben, alcohol or other harsh chemicals. In fact, the natural extracts make it gentle on the skin. End result: healthy tanned skin! Try either the non-tinted or the tinted version without hesitation. The prep spray prevents unwanted build up on areas such as elbows and knees. Celebrities cannot do without Vita Liberata spray tan especially prior to making red carpet appearances. Some of the starry customers include Geri Halliwell, Alexandra Burke etc.

Garnier ambre solaire no streaks bronzer

Own illusive glow which UKsun doesn’t always permit and that too with L’Oreal Sublime Bronze- airbrush.

This luxury skin product tans plus nurtures your skin. It eliminates the need to rub as the airbrush effect does the trick! You can now recreate your favorite star’s tan with Fake Bake original and that too at affordable rates. Some of its praiseworthy features include- Skin softening effect and tan minus dark patches. Check out the image below:

Fake bake original

 Not to forget Garnier Ambre Solaire –no streaks bronzer!  The very fine mist dries in no time making you look “Oh so good”. All you got to do is to spray directly and uniformly while holding the bottle at a safe distance from the skin.

Famous Dave self tanning mousse is an authentic one which is packed with anti-oxidants and ingredients that slow down the aging process too! The long lasting tan is what you’ll love to flaunt. Wash off- Vita Liberata 24ct Silken Shimmer is organic, odor free and value for money. Its loyal customers include stars like Kelly brook, Savannah Miller and more.

Wash off vita liberata 24ct silken shimmer

Water proof Sun Shimmer by Rimmel makes it in the list owing to its high quality and resistance to stay even in the water!