The Top 5 Fashion Trends for Fashion Apparels for Summer 2012 - Neon Colours

Top 5 Irresistible Summer 2012 Fashion Trends

Some trends die with the passage of time, while some manage to stay intact for years. There are also a number of summer 2012 fashion trends that undergo variations over the years. However, you will notice that there is a common thread binding all these trends together.

Summer and spring fashion has always been about loud and vibrant colors and bold prints. When we say goodbye to the chilly winter, we also bid farewell to dark and sober colors and heavy layers of winter clothing only to welcome the vibrant beauty of light and colorful summer wear.

fashion apparel for summer

Summer fashion wear swears by three words – light, colorful and trendy. The dazzling and vibrant colors and eye-popping prints with new styles is a good relief to the eyes after the dullness of winter. So let’s get into the game of summer fashions with brand new ideas painted in vibrant colors. Check out the top 5 trendiest clothes lined up for summer 2012.

1. Maxi Dresses 2012

summer 2012 maxi dresses

Grab eye balls with this feminine and elegant trend of maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are long flowing, comfortable, flattering, chic and smart. They are one of the most appropriate choices for summer fashion clothing keeping in mind the summer heat.

Considering how large this trend is going to be, every woman needs to have at least one of these in her wardrobe. You can choose from a wide range of styles and prints such as floral prints, animal prints, mono toned or dual toned.

Maxi dresses can be worn with chunky jewelry, oversized earrings and flat footwear for a complete summer diva look.

2. Colored Jeans 2012

colored jeans summer 2012 fashion

Blue denims haven’t gone out of style, but their counterparts in various colors are certainly in high demand. Jeans in bright and pastel colors are suddenly the rage in fashion for summer 2012.

Some of the hottest colors are red, green, electric blue, neon pink, lavender and yellow. Bring a burst of color to your wardrobe with these trendy vibrant jeans. You can also choose one color of the rainbow for every day of the week 😉

3. Colored Blazers 2012

Coloured blazers

If you feel too conscious sporting colored jeans and if blue and black denims are your thing, then you could invite color into your wardrobe a little differently by going for colored blazers. You can go ahead with regular colored denims and simply change your blazers to a different color each time. Colored blazers are as happening as colored jeans.

The summer is all about sporting bright colors, so either you do it with jeans or you do it with blazers, one way or the other, you’ve got to do it.

4. Neon Colors

There is no better way to embrace the spirit of spring than by investing in some loud neon colored apparel. The trend of incorporating neons in your wardrobe is kicking in, slowly, but surely. You will find neon bags, shoes, skirts, hair, nails, dresses and so much more. So get ready to be struck by this rage and dazzle with a dash of neon to your wardrobe by bringing a dash of freshness to your look.

5. Sheer Fashion 2012

sheer style for summer 2012 fashion

Summer certainly couldn’t get bolder than this. Sheer fashion is probably the boldest fashion statement for 2012 with sexy, yet chic see through tunics and dresses. There is a lot of body and asset flaunting required by this trend so you’ve got to be daring and confident enough to pull it off. You could pair up your sheer tunics and dresses with lingerie that protects your modesty because exposing too much is a no no.

So we hope you go all out to welcome spring with these vibrant and perky bold print and colors. And while you prepare to be the center of attention during summer and spring, get ready for the sizzling summer heat with the most fashionable clothes.