Top 3 Knitted Woolen Bags for Women in 2012-2013

Every girl certainly loves to have a huge collection of bags. Bags are a girl’s second best friend. The most important aspect of a bag is that it should be able to accommodate all your necessary items without misplacing them. You should always invest in a long term bag that will be with you for life.

Do you think woolen bags seem to be a tad too out of fashion? Not anymore! Woolen bags are making a comeback this season in a totally different avatar which is going to make every girl fall in love with these super cool bags.

Always remember when investing in a woolen bag, the wool should be of premium quality. Investing in a woolen bag which does not maintain the quality of the product will be sheer imprudence since it will wear out soon.

So here are the top 3 Knitted Woolen Bags for Women in 2012-2013

1) Floral Knitted Woolen Bags        

Well, if you are a girly girl and love experimenting with the floral print you should definitely give this bag a try. And be assured that you will fall in love with it almost immediately. The Floral Knitted Bags are extremely fun to carry and add to the chic quotient in your attire. The markets are stacked with Floral Knitted Bags in different patterns and styles. These bags are best to carry in bright summery clothes which enhance the entire look of your bag making it appear more colourful.

 2) Metallic Knitted Woolen Bags

You are already aware of gold, silver and copper being the colours of the season. What we aren’t aware about is how stunningly hot the Knitted Woolen Bags look in these metallic shades! Are you bored of carrying the same clutch or the slings to our parties? It’s time you experiment with the Metallic Knitted Bags this season. It’s a complete favourite among the top designers this season and has been evident on their runways with models carrying these super stylish bags.


 If you’re the kinds to experiment with your look and are ready to be the center of attraction at the next party, the Metallic Knitted Woolen Bags are a perfect fit for you.

3) Hand Knitted Woolen Bags

Many girls are opting for DIY tips this season and knitting or felting their own bags. When you can manage to carry a beautifully felted bag you wove yourself, you will feel absolutely out of the world. You could knit these bags exactly according to your preference of size, shape and colour. Although being a time consuming option it is the cheapest available option if you’re not looking to spend too much money.


 Felted or Knitted Woolen Bags look totally beautiful if picked up in the right shade and pattern. So whether you’re a girl in twenties, a woman in early thirties or forties or fifties, these bags are a perfect fit for you.