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Nude, Red & Pink: Top 3 Lipstick Colours for Your Luscious, Lucky Lips

Do you have lucky lips?

Well, we are not here to judge nor are we here to tell you that your lips need to be juicy or form a shapely pout. As long as you are endowed with a set of lips (which I’m sure all of us are blessed with), you can look for a number of ways to make them look beautiful and attractive no matter how they are shaped.

If everybody had the same kind of lips, how boring would the world be! Lips are an appealing part of your body. Wearing lipstick or a lip gloss enhances the beauty of your lips unprecedentedly.

The most essential items you need to make your lips look attractive, appealing and stylish are:

1. Lipstick

2. Lip Gloss

3. Lip Liner

4. Lip Moisturizers/Balms

With the help of these products, your lips can stand out and make you an irresistible sight. Rounded up for you are the Top 3 lipstick and lip gloss colours to beautify those lucky lips.

Set those beautiful lips going Muah! Muah! Muah! with these top 3 lipstick colours we bring to you:


1. Go Nude

Nude lipsticks give people the impression that you aren’t wearing any lipstick. However, it does make lips look healthy and lush. We’ve seen nude colours donned by celebrities and models on the runway as well as by women like you and me on the streets. A great choice of colour for lipsticks in 2013, but a choice that needs careful and precise selection.

 Purchasing nude lipsticks can be quite a task because it is essential that you find the right tone to suit the colour of your lips. When you wear a nude lipstick that melts perfectly with your skin tone, it gives you a flushed and fresh look. However, if you go wrong in choosing a wrong shade of nude lipstick, for example if you pick a shade that is lighter than your skin tone, you end up looking pale. No matter how pretty the rest of your make up is or your clothes are, nothing can lift up your pale look if you have gone wrong with your lipstick shade.


2. Striking Red Lip Stick and Lip Gloss


Look into any woman’s make-up kit or handbag and you will always find a red coloured lipstick or lip gloss nestled cosily in it. Though red is the most striking lipstick colour, it somehow never fails to get outdated. Red is a classic colour of lipstick. It adds a vibrant spark to any woman’s face. It can pick up the palest skin and the palest make up to give you a trait of freshness and exuberant charm. Wear it with a casual or formal look, red lipstick goes with almost every outfit colour. That’s probably why red is still a rocking shade of lip colour every year.


3. Hot Pink Lips


Pink is another trendy choice for lip colour. Pink possess a zing of youthfulness and perkiness that will make you look like an irresistible attraction. Although pink coloured lip sticks do appear creasy a few hours after application, pink lip gloss makes your lips sparkle. No wonder hot pink is a hot choice of lipstick/lip-gloss colour this year and for 2013.

Want to know how you can enhance your lip make up?

Want to know what a good lip care routine includes?

If yes, then watch this space as we will fill you in on these questions tomorrow to help your lips stay luscious, healthy and of course lucky.