Twilight Themed Costume Party - Vampire Bella

Top 3 ‘Must Check out’ Twilight Themes for Halloween 2012

If Twilight has been one of your biggest obsessions, you can take your obsession one step further and throw a Twilight themed costume party this Halloween or you could dress up as your favourite Twilight character and strut around proudly, looking and feeling fabulous.

The Twilight characters are an easy bunch to emulate. However, there is a possibility that you might go wrong with the look if you don’t pay attention to the minor details that makes each character unique. So read ahead and dig up some ideas to help you spook the people at the party.

1) Bella Swan

There are 3 different looks you can emulate when it comes to Bella Swan. The vampire girl has three most memorable looks in this movie.

  • The Girl Next Door

You can dress up in blue jeans and a tee, adorned with a hoodie to imitate Bella as the girl next door. The out-of-bed casual hairdo and converse shoes complete this look. Add a few false canines and paint blood dripping from your lips and your neck.

  • The Vampire Bride

If you simple loved Bella Swan’s wedding dress, go ahead and be a vampire bride. You can dazzle in a pretty white dress, white shoes with a veil on your head. Get some pretty flowers to carry to the party and don’t forget to stain your dress with some red paint.

  •  The New Born Vampire

 Did the last scene of Breaking Dawn scare and thrill you at the same time? If Bella’s classy vampire look worked for you, then go ahead and emulate her. Wear a sleeveless blue dress with heeled shoes, straight flowing brown hair and don’t forget the red contact lenses. Make your skin look pale, yet radiant white, with ample of make-up. You will have yourself a beautiful vampire!                            


2) Edward Cullen


The handsome hunk Edward Cullen makes ladies droll over him and men want to be like him. Mr. Cullen sure does don a number of looks in the movie.

  • The trick to look like him is to wear a lot of make-up on your face to gain a pale complexion.
  • Edward’s eyes in the movie are either hazel yellow or blood red so ensure that you do wear contact lenses.
  • Apply hair gel to keep your hair pointing upwards and add false canines to complete the Edward Cullen look.

3) Jacob Black

Jacob Black, Bella’s best friend and werewolf in the movie, has three looks for your costume party.

  • Long haired Black

Before transforming into a werewolf, Jacob Black sported a tee, jeans, hoodie and long black hair. So guys, if you already have long black hair, this is a good option for you and if you don’t, you can always use a wig.

  •  Shirtless Black

Jacob Black is a treat to every girl’s eye as he is seen strutting about without a shirt in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. You will need some fab-abs to pull off this look and also a pair of shorts.


  • The Scary Werewolf

If you do not want people to recognize you, a full body werewolf suit will be the perfect choice for you. Growl your way through the party and scare the guests away as you transform from Jacob Black into the scary werewolf.

So here goes your list!

Who are you going to be then, the vampire girl, the charming vampire or the hunky werewolf?

No matter who you choose to be, you will surely dazzle everyone with your look.