Top 3 Themes in Women’s Fashion Trends for Winter 2012-13

For most of us 2013 seems a little far-away, to be precise, a couple of months away. While some of us may have some dilly dallying travel plans for 2013 of which we may still not be sure about. But certainly, not many would actually be planning wardrobes for 2013 unless you are a fashion designer.

However, many fashion designers are already giving last minute touch ups to their fashion collections for 2013. Speculative, interpretive, predictive fashion trends for the coming year.

Do you want to know what themes and trends, the fashion scene for 2013 has in store for you? Is it going to be more in line with the neutral, gender-bender feel of Fall-Winter 2012 and Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013? Or will it dive into and steer in the direction of feminine mood.

Read on to get yourself equipped with all the latest fashion trends, styles and patterns for 2013.

While there will be many new fashion trends perching atop the fashion world but there will be some trends that will take huge inspiration from the trends of 2012, especially the impressive collection from Autumn-Fall 2012, Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013 and Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013.

Global trend forecasting organization MPDClick observes that nostalgia, adventure, quest, exploration, creativity, originality and innovativeness will be the foundational aspects of three key themes in winter 2013. They’ve entitled them Wanderlust, Reflective and Expression.

Let us explore further:

1) Wanderlust Theme

 With a staunch desire and inclination to travel and explore, the first theme will be seen manifested in an eclectic mix of colors and elements.

Colors: The predominant colors that will rule in winter 2012-13 include slate grey, orangey brown and midnight navy blue further boosted with green and warm pastoral crimson red.

Patterns: The overarching elements that are going to remain characteristically inherent in the fashion world in winter 2012-13 include knits, flower-patterned outfits in basic colours, graphical representations of scenery of peaks and forests in countryside, and geometric patterns and prints.

With an attraction for travel, eagerness towards adventure and outdoor voyages, the Wanderlust trend merges contemporary functionality with conventional fashion trends.

2) Reflective Theme

Some of the contemporary fashion designers were inspired by their Soviet legacy. As a result, they have blended nostalgia in their collection with their current and future fashion looks, leading to an amazing intermingling of unusual folk, Soviet style presentation and a modern day charm.

Colors: From an analysis of the collections, we saw at the runways in the reflective theme, you can expect vivid shades alongside muted hues such as dazzling gold and deep turquoise.

3) Expression Theme


 Some fashion designers have left no stone unturned in unleashing their creativity. So much so that they reanalyzed creativity with the use of expressive liberty in the metropolitan milieu. So be ready to see artistic and imaginative endeavor in fashion trends in winter 2012-13.

Colors: In terms of colors, get set to be splashed with extraordinary blend of creative expression, including shades of vibrant purple, cobalt blue and golden.

You will see dramatic pastels, prints and patterns of random brushstrokes.

Fashion is somewhat like time travel, taking ideas and blast from the past at the same time keeping a watchful eye on the future forecast.

So with the above presentation, we hope we gave you a sneak peek into the future. Many such presentations and analyses are in the offing. So stay tuned.