Top 5 of the Most Committed Beauty Crimes

Have you committed a beauty crime in the last 48 hours? You may have, but just don’t know it! We can’t have you running around the streets living a life on the run, so let’s nip future violations in the bud now! In all seriousness, we probably all have little tricks and tips we’ve picked up along the way that we thought would enhance our beauty regime. The truth is, with the progression of science, and the overall attitude towards beauty becoming less about achieving the the look whatever the cost and more about accomplishing it in a healthy and safe way, it’s important to learn from our mistakes.

1) Overzealous Plucking


Brow shaping, for most of us, began in our teens, which meant that many of us left our adolescence, with brows that looked like they got into a fight with a lawn mower.  Not good.  And you would think, all these years later, after all our gained wisdom, being sensible patient adults that we’d be able to pluck our eyebrows properly, yet there are still so many of us that can’t answer the door without frightening the mailman! Ease off on the plucking ladies, eyebrows shouldn’t be an applied accessory, they should be permanent! If you’re unsure about the shape or method of removal, book yourself an appointment with a professional!

2) Ummm, Excuse Me, Your Face is Showing!


Look girls, if you’re going to insist on wearing foundation, then you’ve got to blend, blend, blend! It’s kind of hard to strut your stuff if you’re rocking the Geisha girl look unintentionally! The whole point of foundation is to even and smooth out your skin without looking like you’re wearing anything on your face! If you’re unsure if your foundation is a good match, get a second opinion, and then a third! Knowledge is power. Head off to your favorite beauty shop where your beautician will be able to look at your skin in a proper light and tell you if you need to need to either, learn to blend further, or change the tone of your foundation.

3) Waterproof Mascara is the Devil, No Seriously, it Is!


How many ‘smudge-proof’ mascara advertisements have you been subjected to on TV and in magazines? Like a million, right? Okay, now tell me that last time that were stuck in a torrential downpour that required the services of a heavy duty waterproof mascara? Uh-huh, you can’t remember, can you? Now tell me why you need to apply a glue like substance to your delicate lashes that takes a year and a day to remove, and takes half your lash inventory upon removal? Most mascaras are already water resistant and won’t dry out your lashes.

4) Tanning Beds: The Expressway to an Early Grave


Come on, how many times do you have to hear that tanning beds are bad for you? I’m sure Oprah’s done a show on it, and if not, there’s all the real experts that have tried to convey the idiocy of jumping into a oven that does little more than bake you to a crisp. We have this obsession in the West of looking like raisins, okay, well maybe not, but that’s how we end up looking after years of frolicking in the sun or under the harsh lamp of a tanning bed. For Pete’s sake, slather on some sunscreen, get just enough sun to give yourself a Vitamin D boost and start loving the skin you’re in, because all tanning does is increase your chances of skin cancer and make you look old prematurely!

5) Hey Sleeping Beauty, You Need Some Zzzz’s!


No, technically it’s not a cosmetic, technically. You can’t pick it up at the beauty store, you can’t snag yourself a sample, but the best part is, it’s free! Sleep is without a doubt our most important beauty treatment, yet none of us seem to get enough of it! It’s the absolute best tool in our arsenal, yet we’ll go out and spend a small fortune on silly creams, concealers, beauty treatments, but we never think to do the one thing that doesn’t cost us a dime! How silly is that? So stop staying up all hours of the night just because you can, and get some Zzzz’s, you’r body will thank you later, especially that pretty face!