Top 5 Cardigan Trends for Winter 2012-13 – Wear the Right Attitude!

Fashion has always been on our mind. Whether we are headed out for work or on another shopping spree or one of those special dates, don’t we always choose style and fashion over comfort? But won’t it just be perfect if on one of those cold winter days we could play around with a little style and stay extremely comfortable both at the same time? Well, then you’re in for a surprise. Get ready to pump up your style quotient for the winters right here!

Cardigans have always been referred to as the boring, serious stereotype piece of clothing solely designed to keep you warm in the harsh winters. Wrong. Cardigans today also serve the purpose of looking absolutely chic and stylish! Cardigans are very easy to wear since they open from the front and can be buttoned down without spoiling your hairdo. So this certainly adds to their comfort quotient.

Now let’s have a look at the most stylish cardigan trends for women of 2012.

1) Colored Cardigans

Colors, all bright and vibrant, is what we are talking about in 2012. A bright colored cardigan brightens up even the most simplistic tops and denims adding a dash of brightness to your attire. Working towards the layering of your ensemble you could add up a bright cardigan and work towards an awesome day. All you have to do is simply go with your instincts and there is certainly no way you could get it wrong! Bright pink, neon shades, azure, sea green cardigans are a great hit on the runway this season.


2) Patterned Cardigans

Well, you could add a little pattern to those colored cardigans to begin with. You don’t need to go overboard with this style. But remember if you’re styling up your cardigan with stripes or polka dots or even plain lines, opt for a sober color.  You could choose large or simplistic patterns depending upon your preferences.  Add a little fun to this attire by keeping its buttons open; wear some superb attitude and girl, you’re sure to turn heads!

3) Cardigan Tops

This is certainly a new trend started very recently but has been an instant hit on the runways and with the Hollywood beauties. These cardigans are not over sized or long. They are just about the right size of your top and hence the name ‘The Cardigan Top’. You could team up these cardigans with a pair of denims or trousers for your work meetings. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns.  You need not wear a top inside if you don’t wish to. You could always make this cardigan work as your top perfectly. Just work up the entire look with the appropriate accessories and you will have a great look to adorn, lady!


4) Cardigans with Belts

This is certainly a personal favorite. Whoever thought of belts being teamed up with cardigans was certainly a great fashion stylist. This look wins hands down for the 2012 styling.  These Cardigans are basically wraps and allow you to play around with slim metallic belts and bold feisty belts. Depending on your choices throw in a sexy belt for a date with your beau or a formal belt for a work day and you’re going to rock it!

 5) Cardigans with a Shiny Look

This style is a little difficult to carry off, but certainly not impossible. These are perfect if you wish to give an out of the box look to your winter ensemble. Pair up a shimmery shiny cardigan in a metallic gold shade or a light silver with dark colored tops to get this look right. For me, silver works perfectly since it just gives the right amount of elegance and doesn’t work over the top.

 Cardigans are certainly a must have necessity but if teamed up with your preferences and the super stylish trends of Winter 2012-13 (stated above) they can even make the most boring ensemble look amazingly trendy.  Pick up the perfect cardigan of your choice, adorn just the right amount of accessories, a tad attitude and it’s a perfect recipe for a rocking day!