Don’t Make the Mistake of Ignoring these Top 5 Denim Trends for Fall/ Winter 2012-2013

Denim has captured the imagination of fashion designers and fashionistas ever since this fabric was created. Don’t we all love handy, comfy and chic outfits. Denim absolutely fits this description of being comfy and stylish in addition to being sexy– depending on the fashion flavor and latest trend of the season. For Fall and Winter 2012/ 2013 fashion designers have lined up a brigade of some amazing designs, choices and creations.

1) Ripped Denim

No matter what fashion police say, don’t we all love our ripped denims and the cool look that they lend us? This season gear up to look unkempt and disheveled. No we haven’t lost it. No aren’t kidding either. Check out for yourself what designers have in store for you. Ripped denim is all set to become the trend of the season this Fall/ Winter.

Did you see the model below wearing ripped denim jeans? Raise your gaze. No we don’t mean to get naughty here (wink wink). Look at what she’s wearing on top (ripped hosiery). The ripped look has engulfed not just jeans but you will find many ripped denim shirts, ripped denim jackets and ripped denim shorts in Fall/ Winter 2012-2013. Many fashion designers in their Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 presentation adorned the stage with chic looking ripped denim shirts, jackets, tops and blouses, paired flawlessly with beautiful brooches in attractive floral shapes.

 2) Colored Denim

Colored denim has been wooing us for quite some time now. To be precise it has been in the trends since spring. For Fall/ Winter this season, all the designers are all out in unanimity with their recommendation about wearing darker shades compared to pastel shades that we saw ruling the summer season. Designers opine that the colors that would be extremely trendy this Fall/ Winter include chocolate, maroon, wine red and plum. However do not be afraid to play around with earthy hues or dark blue shades.

3) Cropped Jeans

Fashion designers have presented before you a wide range of cropped denim jeans. Get ready to be mesmerized by these immaculately cut right over the ankle, mid-calf or under the knee jeans. Buy yourself a pair of each of these beautiful creations. And don’t forget to don these cropped denims with a pair of high heels to bring that extra element of oomph to your sexy outfit and look taller!

 4) Denim Jackets

The classic denim jackets refuse to go out of fashion. Or should we say, we somehow find a reason and an occasion to occasionally treat ourselves with our denim jackets. Don’t we? This cool, stylish and comfortable wear always makes it to the trends list. And understandably so designers have brought the denim jackets to the fore in their Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 collection this year too. Designers went out of the box and changed the predominantly dull and boring image of denim jackets and made them attract eyeballs. How? By teaming them with such clothes that most women folk won’t ever consider pairing. And that’s where the attraction lied. The models wore denim jackets with a gown and we have to say that some compilations were at their creative best. You should try this pairing and be ready to turn heads. Designers also had models wearing denim jackets with floral shirts in bright colors, besides, pairing them with trousers and jeans. From a plethora of choices, buy the one that you like the most.


 5) Double Denim

Did your ‘self confessed fashionista friend’ tell you to refrain from donning the double denim look. Don’t listen to her, for the designers have a different view. Get rid of the thought that double denim could be a disaster. Shed your inhibitions and listen to the designers. There’s so much fun in creating combinations of double denim. Do your own little experiment, team up matching tops and jeans and similar jackets. Your creativity will surely yield you appreciation and get you compliments galore.

Have a fashionable and experimental Fall/ Winter 2012-2013.

As always, we’ll keep you posted about what’s hot and what’s not and all the latest trends.

Stay tuned…