Top 5 Costume Ideas for a Disney Themed Halloween - Aladdin

Top 5 Disney Themed Halloween Costume Ideas for Women & Men

Halloween is finally here! And with just a day more, you might be gearing up with all your energy for it. But wait a minute. Have you still not decided what costume to wear? Are you looking for something in particular that not everyone can offer?

Are you looking for Disney Themed Halloween costumes ideas? Have the Disney characters charmed you ever since you were a kid? Snow White, Cinderella, Prince Charming, Aladdin, Tinker Bell and Mickey and Minnie Mouse too. Oh don’t worry, you know we have the answers to each of your fashion need.

With a flick of our magic wand, we bring to you your favourite Disney Characters for a Disney themed Halloween bash.

Take their charm to the streets by dressing up like your favourite Disney character for Halloween 2012.

1) Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Our all time favourite cartoon and Disney couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse make the perfect characters for you to imitate this Halloween. Mickey and Minnie costumes are a good choice for Halloween couples’ parties.

But Mickey and Minnie are known to make friends, so even if you go solo, you’re sure to bring back with you a couple of dates for every day of the week. The cuteness factor these characters possess will make you a sensation this Halloween.

2) Disney Princesses

The Disney Princesses exhibit grace and poise in every sense. Adorned in beautiful and splendid gowns, with a crown and elbow length gloves, the Disney princess look is a charm to the eyes. Jasmine, Snow White, Pocahontas, Cinderella, the Little Mermaid and so many more dazzle you with their beauty. Charm the men and women at the party with this graceful princess costume for Halloween.

You can be Jasmine in purple or blue, Snow White in yellow and blue, Cinderella again in blue, the little mermaid with flowing red hair and the fish tail or Pocahontas dazzling in gold, but make sure you wear a crown to make you look like the princess you are.

 3) Prince Charming

Dear men, don’t worry, we haven’t left you out in this special collection. You have a unique and rather charming costume that you can wear this Halloween to charm the pretty ladies. We can assure you that you will not only make heads turn with this costume, but all the lovely women will have their eyes fixated only on you, their Prince Charming.

4) Aladdin

You can strut in with Jasmine hand in hand or you can simply walk in as the Arabian Prince minus his lady love. Either way, you will make women drool dressed up as their fantasy lover Aladdin who flew in straight from the land of magic. Make sure you carry your magic carpet along with you to ride some lovely women home.

5) Fairy Godmother

If you still are at a loss of ideas for Disney Halloween costume, you can call upon the fairy godmother to your rescue. She does have the fame of rescuing our darling princesses from turmoil. So just ask her to lend you her dress, cape and magic wand. Take a nice long wave with the magic wand and there you are… you’ve transformed into the fairy godmother yourself.

The Disney characters always bring back fond childhood memories. So no matter whom you choose to be, the child in you will surely come alive with these Disney Themed Halloween costumes.