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Top 5 Fall 2014 Fashion Trends You Need To Know

Cheer up, girls! Even though summer is coming to its inevitable end, there’s a lot to look forward to (at least fashion-wise) in these colder months. For starters, here are the top 5 fall 2014 fashion trends you need to know RIGHT NOW. Because hey, it’s never too early for a colorful fur, right?

1) FAUX Fur, Fur, Furs!
Speaking about faux furs, they were all over the runways in the Fall/Winter 2014 shows – they are pretty much unavoidable in the colder months. Luckily, this season, the designers have pumped it up a notch and have boldly sent a vast array of colorful faux furry coats down the runway. From pink to red or pastel blue – and everything in between – colorful furs will reign supreme.

colorful fur

Above: Prada/Marc Jacobs/Lanvin/Fendi/Gucci

2) Power Knits
Next up, another major element of the fall 2014 fashion trends: knits. Forget about single sweater pieces! Instead, the designers were all about the head-to-toe knitted look which included an oversized sweater and knitted skirts or pants. Talk about staying warm! This season, we’ll be cozying up to massive (and hopefully super-warm) knitted outfits.

power knits

Above: The Row/Celine/Acne/Calvin Klein/Marc Jacobs

3) Cool Sneakers
If you love being both stylish and comfortable, this is one of the fall 2014 fashion trends you will surely love. Come winter, the almighty colorful sneakers will most likely become a must for every fashionista out there. Wear them with skirts, pants and anything in between: we’re pretty sure they will become your new best friends.

cool sneakers

Above: Chanel/DKNY/Marc by Marc Jacobs/Chanel

4) Capes
Talking about the top fall 2014 fashion trends… here’s one clothing item we haven’t seen in a while! Judging by the sheer amount of capes sent down the runway this season, this old/new staple is bound to be the next best thing in fashion. Maxi or midi, floral or in bold colors, the cape is a versatile piece. Pair it with mini skirts or dresses for the ultimate romantic look.


Above: Dolce&Gabbana/Ralph Lauren/Saint Laurent/Saint Laurent/Valentino

5) 60s Vibes
Last but definitely not least, the 60s are back in style! Mini skirts worn with knee-high boots are a massive trend this season. From super-colorful ensembles to pastels, browns and blacks, there’s something for everyone. So whip out those miniskirts ladies! Out of all the fall 2014 fashion trends, this is the one that will make a modern vixen out of ya!

60s vibes

Above: Saint Laurent/Gucci/Valentino/Valentino/Versace