Top 5 Fashion Tips For Men – Keep Stylish All Year Round

We have compiled our top 5 fashion tips for men to help guys improve their style. Who says fashion trends are only meant for women to follow? And who says men who follow fashion trends have got to be gay? It may have been so in Stone Age times, but men today have defined new rules of fashion for them. Metro sexual guys are the hottest of the lot and the most attractive to women for women want men who know how to work style to their advantage.

The groomed man is in and this fashionable man is in high demand. Let the ladies drool over you for once as you make heads turn and eyes roll with desire in a room full of women. Put on your best and be stylish because you are gonna be judged for your manly appeal in 2013.

fashion tips for men

Dear men, we ask you to step into your closet and closely examine all that you have. Question yourself if a certain outfit flaunts your looks and graces your charm. If not, then it’s time to ditch those outfits by showing them the bin and make room for these Top 5 fashion tips for men in your wardrobe for 2013. We bring to you the best in men’s fashion and if you trust us, women are going to want more.

Let’s move through our fashion tips for men to help all you handsome hunks out there. Follow these trends and be popular among the ladies in 2013.

1. White Trousers

Don’t doubt our judgements, but style is style and when it’s defined by major fashion houses, it’s the most happening style. White trousers look great on men, take it from a woman’s point of view. Trousers, shorts, capris, cotton or linen in WHITE are in vogue. This trend was majorly showcased on the runways by the biggest names in fashion.

white trousers fashion tips for men

You can wear white trousers for a day out in the city, on a date with your girl, to work, at the beach or while traveling. White will look simply wonderful anywhere. You can wear it with a t-shirt, shirt, jacket, coats or sweaters and you will look like a million bucks. It’s the versatility of this piece that makes it the very first MUST HAVE fashion item on our list.

2. RED Colors Make Great Fashion Items for Men

red color fashion tips for men

Red might have been just a feminine color in the past but it is a trendy color for men in 2013. And you have a huge variety to choose from. You’ve got trousers, jackets, coats, t-shirts, sweaters, blazers and shirts in red. They all look very stylish and very trendy and are meant for the modern man who is secure with his sexuality. Showcase your wild side along with your chivalrous charm dressed in red. If you do not want to go all out in red, then a red belt is a safe option for you.

3. The Side Satchel / Messenger Bag 2013 Are Great Fashion Accessories for Men

side satchel fashion tips for men

A Bag??? You must be thinking that we gotta be kidding you. But no, we aren’t. The side satchel which has gained massive popularity among women is now a hot favorite item among men too, minus the frills, fancies, flowers and feminine colors. Side Satchels for men come in black, olive green, brown, beige and white and they are a very trendy choice for men to stock up things into. Ditch the shoulder bag and make way for the trendy side satchel; it’s the coolest look for 2013.

4. Street Wear Fashion For Men

streetwear fashion tips for men

Bring out the shorts, stripes, t-shirts, jeans, scarves and gloves for a street look. The street look helps to make you look younger, fresh and youthful.

You can sport shorts with shirts and t-shirts in summer and spring. Add the side satchel with converse shoes to top up your look. In fall and winter you can sport long trousers with t-shirts, shirts, scarves, gloves and hats to look like a gentle “boy” who is worth a woman’s attention.

5. Play with Colors With Your Fashion Items

different colored fashion tips for men

Sober and dark shades for men are a thing of the past. Guys, this is your time to experiment with wonderful and vibrant colors. You can use colors to your advantage by flaunting your body and assets in them. The colors that were launched for men in the 2013 summer spring collection included red, green, golden, rust, blue, yellow and a variety of other tones and shades.

A style tip for you from TrendNStylez editors– pair the darker trousers with lighter shades and pair lighter toned trousers with dark shades and girls are gonna whistle as they see this handsome hunk walking past them.

We hope you liked this style guide for 2013 and sure to check out our hair accessories for men article. We also hope that you absorb the best from all the trends we presented to you and revamp your wardrobe to look like the perfect ladies’ man who is other men’s envy and ladies’ desire. All the Best!