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Top 5 Handbag Games of Jennifer Lawrence

She is young. She is pretty. And she certainly has a bagful of style. No, we are not talking about her clothes. A young and beautiful girl like her can quite comfortably carry off anything on her youthful figure. And those bags are not an exception. Looks like, she has really made her bags her style icons. Don’t they sometimes seem to demand more attention than her clothes?

Celebrity Handbags

This charmingly chubby starlet of The Hunger Games is in absolute love with her shoulder bags. Look at the variety in the above picture and you will know why we say so. Of course, part of the reason could be the freedom a shoulder bag offers while talking over you smart phone. Comfort and elegance certainly go hand-in-hand when it comes to Jennifer Lawrence’s choice of handbags.

Although she is only taking her baby-steps in her movie career, she seems to be pretty confident about her taste of handbags. She is not afraid to experiment with different varieties and definitely not too keen on following popular trends of carrying a LV or Chanel or Celine.

So let’s dig a little deeper into her handbags collection and see if we can unravel the secret behind her success and style.

1) Rebecca Minkoff MAC Shoulder Bag


She loves bags of every kind. This woven leather shoulder bag from the Rebecca Minkoff MAC collection has a bit of ethnic look to it. The earthy brown color looks warm. And its elegant look and feel perfectly complements her oversized sweater. Perfect choice for a winter outing.

2) RL Saddle Shoulder Bag

Celebrity Handbags

This Ralph Lauren Collection saddle shoulder bag is chic and casual and fit for any casual outing such as going out for a coffee (just like Jennifer is ready with her coffee in the above pic).

3) Tod’s Signature Tote


Perfect for travelling, flying in particular, this bag is spacious and comfortable. Complementing well with her black suit, Jennifer looks quite fond of this handbag and like many other stars, quite often carries it while on the move.

4) Christian Dior Quilted Minaudiere


What a stunning contrast! Doesn’t this Christian Dior Quilted Minaudiere clutch absolutely grab your attention? Well along with those innocent eyes of course. In addition to Jennifer’s gorgeous skin, the petite clutch accentuates the sexy appeal of the all-black lady tux.

5) Christian Dior Miss Dior Shoulder Bag

Celebrity Handbags


She looks absolutely stunning, doesn’t she? What better handbag to complement that beautiful floral print outfit than an elegant Christian Dior Miss Dior Shoulder Bag? The bright white color perfectly suits Jennifer’s bright and fluffy mood in this picture which was taken while she attended the Dior fashion show in Paris.

Jennifer Lawrence has quite a handful of collection of designer handbags from different brands and she certainly carries them with grace and confidence.