Top 5 Men’s Jackets of All Trades 2012 -2013

Jackets have always been in Fashion and they would certainly remain in Fashion forever. However 2012 has a bunch of a few new Jackets for men surprisingly making a comeback in a grand manner. Let’s have an insight on some of the top Men’s Jacket trends.

1) Basic Black

The Basic Black jacket is a must in a man’s wardrobe. Black is basic and black is the best. It can be a long jacket for fighting the cold winters, a simple and a stylish one for summers or a short one useful while riding a bike.

Black is a must-must for any man as it can be worn practically on anything. Be it denims, be it a semi formal, a classic pant, be it any colours underneath – black always goes on anything and is suitable for all occasions.

2) Bomber Jackets

These jackets are usually waist length jackets which are specially a treat for men who love wearing a size fitting jacket. These jackets were specially designed years ago for pilots to give them a warm feeling during those days when planes were exposed and the temperature too cold.

Although the planes changed with time and Bomber Jackets came in to fashion as they brought in a very sleek and manly look. Most of the Bomber jackets usually come with zipped front fastening while some as a result of changing trend have buttoned front fastening. They eventually ventured in everyday fashion due to their trendy look.

3) Motorcycle Men

Motorcycle jackets are suitable for the Motorcycle riding populace who are daring, who love to go a bit off track, for whom a bit of showing off is nothing less than a style statement and who love the ‘Its different kind of look’.

Originally made for motor cyclers they gradually made their way to the fashion markets. Now they are worn by almost everyone as a style statement often accompanied with a rugged look. Mostly worn on jeans, motorcycle jackets are slightly drifted to one side attached with a few metal accessories to merge the rugged look with the hunk aura which men generally wear for Casual outings.

4) Denim – GenX

Denim Jackets for the Generation Next or the Gen X were introduced years ago with the primary purpose of rugged use but they came into fashion and have stuck since then. These jackets have been used and practically not just worn but worn out by men but they never fail to make it to the fashion list.

There is something about their waist length look, the material and the feel that seems to keep them in the competition. Wear them on pants or trousers and they look super stylish. Or wear them on casual pants yet they keep up with their trendy look. The original blues have always been the most favourite colour but however a few experiments with tan, stone wash, camel, black and brown have made it to the wardrobes of men.

5) Down Jacks

Down Jackets are jackets which have made it to the list of men’s wardrobe especially to keep up with the cold outdoors in an absolutely stylish and comfortable manner.

Jackets do express a few things about you as a person. Some project you as a responsible man, some give away your expensive taste, and some bring out your confidence. Hence no matter what, Jackets are here to stay…