Office Makeup Tips

Stay Trendy and chic with Top 5 Office Make up Tips

When you go to work you need not be as glamorous as you would on a Red Carpet. However, you should not be plain old boring Jane either. The office is one playground for you to play your cards well to look fashionable yet sober at the same time. And the best way to strike a balance between both is keeping your office look chic, graceful and elegant.

So how do you wear office make up to make yourself look trendy as well as not overly trendy for people to take you for the beauty without the brains? We’ve got some tips for you today so that you can come up with the perfect blend of make up to wear to work every day, that keeps you looking stylish enough for your work place.

Tip No. 1 – Never Forget to Dab on Some Foundation

No matter how flawless your complexion maybe or how radiant your skin looks, a little foundation never hurt anybody. Foundation helps to keep your skin tone constant, it prevents your skin from looking tired as the day progresses and keeps oiliness at bay. Moreover, it hides flaws such as redness, scars, pigmentation and the uneven tone of your face.

Office Makeup Tips Also, when you choose a foundation, make sure you go for one that is the closest color possible to your skin tone, so that it is not evident that you are wearing foundation and people will simply pass it off for your natural skin.

Tip No. 2 – Avoid Loud Eye Shadow Colors

Glittering gold, silver, green and blue for eye shadow colors are best kept for an evening out, weekends and for parties. Wearing these loud colors to work is a complete no – no, or you will get people thinking that work is one big party for you. Also, soon you might receive a memo from your boss asking you to concentrate less on the make up and more on the work. The bottom line is – ditch the loud colors for office.

So which eye shadows should you wear instead? The safest colors combined with good blending skills will give you a good look for your eyes when it comes to office make up. The colors you should keep handy are brown, pink, gray, taupe, cream and bronze. Don’t forget to dab on a thin line of eye liner before or after applying eye shadow.

Office Makeup Tips

Tip No. 3 – Blush Your Cheeks Lightly

Your cheeks are best kept as sober as possible; but do not completely avoid blush. Your face might get too pale by continuously staring at the computer screen or with the chilling effect in the air conditioner, so a little blush helps you radiate a natural, yet graceful glow. You can opt for colors like pink, purple and tangerine to blush your cheeks with.

Office Makeup Tips

Tip 4 – Keep Transparent Lip Gloss and Light Colored Lipsticks Handy

Red and tangerine lipstick can be very distracting when worn to office. Although the colors are pretty attractive, they are best avoided as part of your office attire. You may opt for pink, wine, purple or nude shades. However, if you want to avoid lipstick entirely, always make sure you carry a vial of transparent lip gloss with you to keep your lips looking shiny; not only as a beauty factor but also to protect your lips from turning dry.

 Office Makeup Tips

 Tip No. 5 – A Nude Look Will Do You Good

 Going for a completely nude look, is the best thing that you can do for your workplace. Not only is a nude look stylish, but it also prevents you from becoming the office fashion disaster. The best way to do go in for a nude look is:

a. Choosing Light Colors of eye shadow, blushers and lipsticks

b. Knowing which colors blends well

c. Practicing and experimenting with different styles, colors and blends

 Office Makeup Tips

Remember that Heavy Make up Sends the Wrong Message

No matter how much you may want to show off the new range of jazzy make up you just purchased, if it’s too loud and flashy, keeping it for after office occasions will only do you good. Since your office is primarily a place of work, wearing heavy and loud make up may make it seem like you are there for various other reasons besides work. We stress on this once again that loud and heavy make up is a complete No-No.

  Office Makeup Tips

So play it safe when it comes to office make up. You can always bring out the jazz when you’re going to an office party now, can’t you? So you’ll showcase not only your sober side at work but you will also flaunt your wild trendy side when you let your hair down.