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Top 5 Pocket Scarf Trends for Women – Winter 2012/13 Time to Reclaim Your Freedom, Ladies

A woman’s work is never done, is it? How often have you wished for an extra pair of hands? Well, how about the next best thing – greater efficiency of your existing pair of hands, so that you can get more done.

Ladies, say hello to the pocket scarf- an accessory that

  1. Keeps you warm
  2. Keeps your hands free, so that you can continue to work
  3. Enhances your style quotient

Whew…One garment so many functions… But then that is just like you… the multi-tasking professional, teacher, cook…all rolled into one. The pocket scarf is the perfect accessory for you.

Rarely fashion and practicality mix. And the pocket scarf is one of those rarities. And just to make sure that you make no fashion mistakes when it comes to this extremely practical and convenient accessory, we are presenting the top 3 pocket scarf fashion trends for winter 2012-13.

The Top 5 Pocket Scarf Trends Winter 2012-13

  1. The Coat That is Not a Coat Trend

Sorry for the confusing name, but that is exactly what this trend is. The pocket scarf helps you get rid of your coat (by offering storage for essential items like purse, keys, cell phone etc). Yet you can choose a ‘coat like’ appearance for your pocket scarf by choosing one with buttons. So it is coat that is not a coat! Clever idea, isn’t it?


Is it a coat? Is it a scarf?


  1. Contrast Design Pocket Scarf Trend

This trend is simple, yet it imparts a highly sophisticated and stylish look to the overall ensemble. The trick in this trend is to keep the pockets in contrast with the overall look of the scarf. You can create the contrast in terms of color or pattern or design.

Contrast design pocket scarves are stylish in winter 2012


  1. Patterned Pocket Scarf Trend

Plain has its merits, but patterns in pocket scarves are a rage this winter. While stripes and checks are popular patterns, we were particularly impressed by this ‘quilt style’ design, which in our opinion takes the glamor quotient several notches higher. What do you think?


Quilted Pocket Scarf Trend 2012-13


  1. Functional Pocket Scarf Trend

As we said earlier, the pocket is scarf is extremely practical and very useful. To further enhance its usefulness, while maintaining the style quotient intact (naturally), the pocket scarf trends for winter 2012- 13 include zippers that afford a secure storage for your keys and cell phones. But don’t worry, the zippers are quite invisible.

Such scarves are made of 100% water resistant micro fibers, making them much more long lasting than wool.

And of course, there is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.

Functional pocket scarves: style meets functionality


  1. Cargo Pocket Scarf Trend

Taking the functional pocket scarves one step ahead are the cargo scarves with multiple secure pockets. With pockets to carry anything and everything you may need, your hands are free to hold both your children on either side while crossing the road or dance with abandon on your night out, without wondering whether your valuables are safe in your coat pocket in the coat check.

And don’t forget they look extremely stylish. Why don’t you check it out below?

The pocket scarf is indeed a very practical accessory. Follow these pocket scarf trends and score in the style department too.