Haircut Trends 2013

Top 5 Summer Haircut Trends That Are In Vogue

Though we are still pulling our coats closer and cuddling into blankets, the runways are abuzz with the spring summer 2013 collections. The more serious fashioinistas amongst you, I am sure, have already made note of the summer 2013 apparel trends. But have you paid attention to the haircut trends for summer 2013?

Fashion does not encompass only what clothes you wear. It also extends to how you style your hair. After all, hair does contribute significantly to your overall look. And every season, some haircuts are in vogue and some are hopelessly out of style.

Don’t get caught with a haircut from yesteryear (yes, last season is yesteryear in ruthless fashion lingo). Here are some trending haircuts for summer 2013.

1.  Short Haircut Trends for Men in Summer 2013

Short haircuts always give a professional and clean look to men. And in summers, it is an extremely practical haircut too. The slick back hairstyle is popular for men with short haircuts in summer 2013.

To get this look, you need to cut your hair short on the back and sides, while maintaining hair length and thickness around the crown. The variations in this cut are many and you can choose a style that suits you best. For instance, you can cut the hair at the side parting higher to create a modern look. Or you can crop the hair on the lower side with a razor to create a uniform length look.

Here are some styling options to consider in this haircut, boys.

Male Summer Haircut Trends 2013

2.  Bangs Haircut Trends for Women Summer 2013

The bangs have reemerged in 2013 as a trendy haircut for women. The best way to cut your bangs is to go full on and completely cover the forehead. Combine bangs with a choppy haircut and by choosing the right make up you can create a sexy party girl look.

Bangs Summer Haircut Trend

To create professional chic look for office with bangs, cut them asymmetrically, falling on one side. Keep the overall hair length medium to short and well brushed down. Like this look below.

asymmetric summer haircut trends

3. Layered Haircuts Trends for Women 2013

Cutting your hair in layers creates a voluminous look and is apt for women with naturally thin hair. And layered haircuts are ‘in’ in 2013. However the styles of layered haircuts vary significantly.

You can opt for a very short layered haircut also called a pixie cut, where hair around the back of the head and close to the ears is clipped very short. The pixie haircut can create a charming school girl look.

Layered summer haircut trends

4. Gypsy Haircut Trends for Women 2013

The gypsy haircut, as the name suggests is an unruly messy haircut that was very popular in the 70s. This trend makes a comeback in 2013. The easiest way to create the gypsy haircut is to cut the hair in multiple messy layers. The more layers you have, the greater impact your gypsy haircut will make.

gypsy haircut

Coloring your hair in an unconventional hue further adds to the look.

5. Bob Haircut Trends For Women 2013

The bob is a haircut that will probably never go out of style. For years now, the bob haircut has regularly featured as a trendy haircut every season. And 2013 is no different.

Come summer and you can wear your bob with bangs in a stylish chin grazing style.

Bob haircut

Another way to combine bob with bangs for a sophisticated look is to sweep the bangs along one side.

Summer haircut styles

A haircut is not as simple as taking a pair of scissors and chopping off your tresses. As you have seen, serious work is involved in creating truly stylish and classy haircuts that are the pinnacle of style.

So which of these haircuts are you going to opt for on your next visit to your hair salon?