YOU CAN Become a Beautiful Beach Babe with these Top 5 Swimwear Trends for Summer 2013

Summer is just around the corner. And when summer sets in, can beach vacations be far behind? So, are you wondering how to look your best at the beach? You can make summers even hotter by donning the trendiest and most stylish swimwear. And you know what, you don’t even have to get into the water. Just walking around the beach in these stylish swimsuits will make you center of attention like nothing else.


The Top 5 Swimwear Trends for Summer 2013

1.  Crochet Swimwear Trends 2013

Swimwear in crochet and I am not kidding. This trend first reared its head in Brazil at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week. One piece and two piece crocheted swimwear costumes were showcased in a range of colors including classic black and white. You can opt for either an all-crochet look or keep one item (either top or bottom) non-crochet.


How practical are these outfits to get into the water? I don’t know. But remember what we said about getting into the water being optional!

2. Unique Cuts in Swimwear 2013

Monokinis and bikinis with unique cuts across the outfit, which reveal more than they hide were the rage on runways for the spring summer 2013 shows. Available in a range of colors and prints, these swim costumes are cute and sexy.


3. Patterned Swimwear Trends 2013

Move over plain swimwear. Patterns are ‘in’ in a big way in 2013. Trendy patterns for swimwear 2013 include animal prints, florals and eclectic bold patterns that stand out.


Florals are my favorite, which one is yours?

4. Ruffles in Swimwear Trends 2013

Ruffles always have a pride of place in women’s wear collections. There is something utterly feminine, nay girlish about ruffles. In 2013 swimwear trends several designers like Luli Fama and Roxy incorporated ruffles into their swim outfits. Go on, wear the ruffled swimwear, and feel sexy and girlish all at once.


The Roxy design incorporates a sense of color blocking into the ruffles, which is eye catching. Incidentally, color blocking is a big trend for swimwear in 2013.

5. One-Shoulder Style Swimwear Trends 2013

In swimwear in 2013, the focus is on the shoulder. While one sleeve dresses have been popular for sometime now in women’s wear collection, this trend has now wriggled its way into the swimwear collections too. Showcased at the Brazil Fashion Week, the one shoulder trend was seen both in bikini and one piece swimwear. The colors tended to be on the darker side with black having a prominent presence. The patterns as usual included florals and eclectic bold designs.


The third outfit appears to be an innovatively cut one-piece design. Notice how the asymmetry in the swimming costume highlights diagonally opposed body parts, thus creating symmetry within asymmetry. Pure design genius, don’t you agree?

Oh well, even if you are not off to a fun beach vacation, don the latest and fashionable swimwear while swimming in your pool.  After all, there is no rule that you should not look stylish at home!