Polka Dots

Top 5 Toddlers’ Winter Coat Trends

Winter is round the corner and stores will soon be flooded with jackets, cardigans and other winter wear. While you look for the best in bigger sizes, you would also want to know the latest trends in kids’ wear for your little prince and princess. Coats and jackets are a great way to beat the winter chill and keep your little angels safe from the biting cold. This season, do not settle for anything ordinary.

This style guide on Top 5 Trends for Toddlers Winter Coats will help you pick the snazziest winter coats for your child and make her/him feel like a little star.

Polka Dots


Polka Dots are back and this time, they are bigger than ever. Bold and catchy polka dotted winter coats are a definite hit this season. Jumbo, multicolored patterns will make your little darling look absolutely peachy. Team it up with a base color and you have a perfectly done outfit. You could also go with smaller polka dots and add a kiddie brooch to top it off elegantly.

Animal Prints


Animal prints are an adventurous style to adorn your child with. Fleece coats in leopard and zebra prints combined with darker shades of brown and black will greatly increase the glamor quotient of your young one’s wardrobe. You could also pick the plain colored winter coats with animal print panels on the inside – hoods, sleeves, etc. Your little angel will definitely feel like a star with this attractive animal print pattern.

Padded Coat

What’s better than a cushy padded winter coat to secure comfort and warmth for your child? Comfortable and appealing, padded coats are also known to be warmer than other type of coats. Padded coats come in different patterns – ranging from diamond, squares, horizontal grids, designer padding, and so on. Pick the perfect type of pattern to suit your kid’s body type. Padded coats keep toddlers warm and snug all day long. They have a great visual appeal, making your baby look more adorable than ever.

Peter Pan Collar


The classic Peter Pan collar is hot this season. Pastel shades such as baby pink, sky blue, etc look best in this pattern. Small kiddie prints on pockets and hoods add a dash of charm to this understated toddler coat. Combine it with a darker shade of the base color and you will have a simple and cute looking outfit for your cherub. Peter Pan collar often comes in the double-breasted coat style. This is certainly a minimalistic yet elegant toddler coat.

Duffle Coat

Yet another modish toddler coat trend, duffle coats in fleece and wool are high on style and warmth. Patterns such as checks, stripes, nursery prints or even the plain classic duffle is a popular choice. They generally come with a hood and tighten with toggles. They wrap around the body frame beautifully and fit extremely well.

Different colors and patterns can be experimented with to make your child look fabulous and fresh. So if you seek to glam up your little one this winter, choose from one of these top 5 picks and rest assured, they will be swanky this winter season.