Top 5 Trends for Women’s Headbands Winter 2012-13

Headbands are a great way to jazz up your look. They provide a break from the otherwise boring winter outfits. At the same time, headbands keep your forehead and ears warm. While some styles are especially designed to provide warmth, some are particularly ornamental meant especially to revamp your appearance. So if you are looking for the latest scoop on what’s in this winter, here are the top trends for women’s headbands winter 2012-13:-

  • Flower Power


 If you’re chic and you know it, get some flower power with these awesome new headbands. Who says winter has to be drab and dull? Flower printed headbands will brighten up a gloomy winter day like never before. Bold flower patterns go well with numerous scarves and mufflers. You could team one up with a base colour top or stole to finish your look in a delicate fashion. Get yourself some flower power and the rest will be history.


  • Fleece

 The sole purpose of this headband is to keep you warm, in style. Fleece lined headbands come in a variety of flashy colours so you do not have to sacrifice on a great look. The best part is that you can pick a colour or design of your choice and match it with practically any outfit. Fleece is a hot trend this winter and you should certainly grab at least a few of these headbands. They are great for winter sports as they fit snugly and keep your ears toasty.


  • Lace


 Who would’ve thought that lace could look so good? Intricate lace designs in different colours are perfect for a classy outfit. Lace headbands will go incredibly well with pastel shade dresses and frocks. They provide a delicately royal look to any outfit. Subtle colours such as white, cream, brown and burgundy look great. However, you could also play around with brighter colours just to experiment with your look. Lace headbands are bound to adorn you with elegance.

  • Crochet

 It is unquestionable that crochet is an evergreen knit style. So why not upgrade your wardrobe with some brand new crochet headbands? Winter 2012-13 will be no exception to this fabulous style. Some newer designs will also have embellished flowers and other shapes. Crochet headbands are another timeless classic and will go well with most outfits. It is a winter fashion must-have for this year, so do not forget to buy one.

  • Bohemian Like You


 Bohemian printed headbands will be a rage in winter 2012-13. They have an understated charm which is, nonetheless, conspicuous. Sport a bohemian printed headband with heavy skirts or ponchos for a sexy grunge look. These retro print headbands are certainly back in the limelight after being hot on the runway. In fact, a number of celebrities have been spotted wearing these headbands in the past few weeks.

Learning about these trends will definitely help you in keeping up with what’s in. So get your set of brand new headbands and make sure that winter 2012-13 is one to remember.