Top 5 Women’s Arm Warmers Trends –Multipurpose Winter Accessories

Winter is the best time of the year to show off your thermals and woolen wear. It is for this reason that all types of winter wear and accessories for women in an unceasing array of colors and designs are sprawled over stores across the UK. One of these wonderful winter accessories is arm warmers and they are useful in more ways than one. However, picking the best style to suit your need can be crucial in making or breaking your look. Here’s a comprehensive guide to some of the most popular styles this season.

Top 5 Trends for Women’s Arm Warmers Winter 2012-13:-

 Striped Arm Warmers

After being warmly received on the runway, striped arm warmers are all set to hit the stores. They are wonderfully versatile and will look fabulous when teamed up with most outfits. Thin dual shade stripes, multicolor stripes, dual color pastels are some of the various options you can choose from. They look exceptionally well when worn with dark colored leggings. A vibrant, fun trend in arm warmers – they are typically associated with the punk rocker chick. But their versatility in creating different looks is simply unquestionable.

 Knitted Arm Warmers


 Cute, elegant and truly classic – knit arm warmers have an understated charm. A highly popular style in knits is the cable knit. If you seek to accentuate a mild colored outfit, wear dark color knit arm warmers with embellished bows, etc. They are usually preferred in single color styles but you can also pick up a printed pair if you are feeling adventurous. They are delightful when worn with pastel hues. Winter 2012 will be hot on this trend so make sure you don’t miss out!

Lolita Arm Warmers

 Seductive, sexy and gothic arm warmers will be a rage this winter. Do not be discouraged by stereotypes and make the most of this fashion trend. Lolita arm warmers are a chic variety, for they are dainty and charming. They are one of the very few styles that look good with dresses and frocks. You will find a lot of embellished designs in Lolita arm warmers. Delicate cuts and ornamental embroideries make them a designers’ favorite. And once you get a pair in your wardrobe, you will surely be proud of your choice.

Felt Wool Arm Warmers

Speaking of comfort, this is another style that you will immediately list among your favorites. Felt wool arm warmers are a completely new dimension of soft and cuddly. They feel like a plush wool stuff toy fitting snugly to your arms and providing incredible warmth. Girly patterns such as delicate bows, embroidered hearts and the like – are typical add-ons to felt wool arm warmers. They come in an assortment of colors and are usually preferred in lighter shades. But you can always pick up a dark colored pair to capitalize on the catchy quotient.

Zipper Arm Warmers

This new and slick design will surely add some excitement to your wardrobe. Arm warmers with zippers are a recent fashion invention and will hit select stores this season. They are extremely easy to wear and take off. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. Nothing’s better than having an arm warmer that keeps your arms warm and is extremely comfortable and well fitting. Zipped arm warmers take custom fit to the next level by adjusting excellently to your arms’ length and width. Invest in a pair of zipper arm warmers this season and experience a whole new level of easy winter wear.

Arm warmers are an incredibly useful and fashionable winter accessory. You can make your otherwise plain outfit look catchy and trendy by donning a pair of fun arm warmers. Ensure that you do not compromise on the quality and buy only genuine wool, plush, fleece arm warmers. Apart from beautifying your look, they also come in more utilitarian varieties such as running and exercise arm warmers.

So if you’ve worn your best but still cannot figure out what’s missing – put on a pair of foxy arm warmers and be all the rage throughout the day.