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Top 5 Women’s Sportswear Trends After Olympics 2012

The recently concluded London Olympics 2012 was a celebration of the human spirit in its purest form. There is something about sports that transcends national boundaries. The world celebrated as one, the success of athletes, irrespective of which countries they represented.

Olympics 2012 has been also one of the most fashionable Olympics so far. A far cry from the earlier days where participants focused only on their performance, London 2012, saw athletes deliver the highest performance, while maintaining their style quotients at an all time high.

And Olympics has brought the focus back on fitness and sports for people like you and me.  We may not aspire to be perfect athletes, but definitely, we have been inspired to devote some time to our bodies each day.

And the good news is your sportswear need not be ‘dull and boring’. Incorporate these hot new Olympic trends in your sportswear to be stylish and sporty.

The Top 5 Women’s Sportswear Trends after Olympics 2012

  1. Tank Tops and Shorts Sportswear Trends 

If your daily dose of exercise is a brisk run around the block, trendy running gear for you post Olympics 2012 is tank tops and shorts. Seen in a big way on the track this time, this minimalist combination is stylish as well as extremely comfortable and functional.

You can go with your preferred tastes in combining colors, designs and patterns to create an individualistic look.

Tank tops and shorts a top Olympics derived Sportswear trend.


  1. Color Sportswear Trends

Solid bright and bold colors brightened up the track in Olympics 2012.  Bright reds, electrifying blues and fluorescent yellows are sportswear options that will let you make an impact in more ways than one.

Bright colors dominated the track at Olympics 2012


  1. Leotard Sportswear Trend Inspired by Olympics 2012

If you are a groovy gymnast or a budding Pilates practitioner or even a young Yoga enthusiast, the leotard trends seen in Olympics 2012 will delight you. Focusing on bright colors like red, blue and pink and embellished with sequins and other details, leotard sportswear trends are now extremely stylish and sophisticated.

Team USA’s crystal studded leotards grabbed as much attention as their medal winning moves.


  1. Fabric Sportswear Trends

Mesh and perforated fabrics will be biggest fabric trends for women’s sportswear post Olympics 2012. The fabric owes its popularity in sportswear due to its breathable nature, guaranteed to keep you cool and comfortable when you sweat it out. The fact that it looks stylish and chic is an obvious added advantage.

Keep your cool literally with mesh fabric trends in sportswear


  1. Sports Jackets Trends Inspired by Olympics 2012

It is clear that when it comes to sports jackets worn on the outside, official team GB jackets will lead the way. These jackets will remain a popular trend at least for some time in the future.

Team GB Sports Jackets

The next Olympics will come only after 4 years. So it is best you take advantage of these trends right now and become stylish and sporty and feel proud of your body.