Hair Color Trends 2013

Give Your Crowning Glory a Fresh Look in Spring 2013 with these 6 Hottest Hair Color Trends

Experimenting with hair color is one risky plunge especially if you’re dyeing your hair an unusual color or streaking it with vibrantly colored highlights. As much as you try to imagine how great a particular color will look on you, there is always a slight room for uncertainty because you can never know if your new hair color will match your skin tone.

Spring 2013 has some great hair color trends in store for you. Would you like to check them out? They will surely serve as some healthy inspiration to prod you to take a trip to the salon.

Presenting to you the 6 hottest hair color trends for Spring 2013.

1. Orange Highlights

Orange Highlights Hair Color Trend 2013

Orange is one of the hottest colors for spring 2013. You have orange lipsticks, orange nail polishes, orange jeans, dresses, t-shirts and so much more that you can wear to sport this trendy color. Now you can add to that list by getting some orange highlights. They look fabulous on blonde hair.

2. Rainbow Highlights

Rainbow Highlights Hair Color Trend 2013

Don’t take the name of this trend literally. You need not have all the 7 colors of the rainbow on your hair, although that would look quite funky, wouldn’t it? Rainbow highlights can be done by choosing one color with its different shades streaked onto your hair or two or three different colors that either contrast with each other or complement each other as highlights on your hair.

3. Black and Blonde Streaks

 The most suitable hair colors for fair skin tones are black and blonde. And if you can never make up your mind about choosing either, why not go with both?

Black and Blonde Streaks Hair Color Trend 2013

You can streak your blonde hair with black highlights or you can streak jet black hair with blonde highlights. Either choice of hair color looks mysteriously sexy and seductive.

4. The (Orange) Redhead

Redhead Hair Color Trend 2013

And once again we come back to trendy orange, but this time, it’s not just streaks. Get ready for a 3600 transformation by sporting fiery orange locks. Redheads are just an old tale now. It’s time to be trendy with orange.

5. Blended Ombré

Blended Ombré Hair Color Trend 2013

Blended Ombré gives your hair a softer look as compared to the other bold colors that are trending this spring. If you find that opting for bold hair colors is too much of a risk that you are not willing to take, opting for a blended ombré color with lighter colored bottom strands and darker upper strands will keep you trendy in spring 2013.

6. Buttery Blonde

Buttery Blonde Hair Color Trend 2013

If you have been a brunette or a redhead all your life, it’s time for an image transformation. There is no harm in trying how blonde hair will suit you. You can experiment with a buttery blonde shade for spring 2013 and bring on the angelic charm.

Experimenting with hair color once in a while is totally worth the risk. You could either end up with disastrously colored locks or you could have a completely fresh and trendy look that suits you well. If your hair color does go wrong and if a certain color doesn’t suit you too well, you can always dye your hair back to your original color. So why not give hair color a shot in spring 2013?