Top 6 Spring 2013 Fashion Trends Every Woman Should Know

Poised as we are on the last few days of 2012 and pulling our coats and jackets closer to keep warm, it might seem strange to talk about Spring 2013 fashion trends now.

But even as we speak, designers all over the world have unveiled their Spring 2013 collections; and the Spring Fashion Week events in various fashion capitals of the world such as Paris, London, New York and others have already concluded. The Spring 2013 fashion trends have been revealed.

In fact, now is the right time to look over these spring trends so that you have sufficient time to get your wardrobe in order to look your stylish best in the coming spring.

After all, spring 2013 is the most magical of all 4 seasons. After the depressing and dreary winter, one looks forward to the bright colors of spring. Spring is the season of picnics, open air parties, late night strolls and everything romantic. Make the magic work for you by being in the know about Spring 2013 fashion.

And you need look no further because we are bringing to you right now the top Spring 2013 fashion trends.

Top Spring 2013 Fashion Trends You Should Know About

1. Bermuda Shorts Spring 2013 Fashion Trend

Bermuda shorts dominated the New York Spring fashion runways significantly. The slouchy-school girl look these shorts produce is ‘in’. And mostly the shorts are super comfortable and apt for weather and best suited for your various outdoor activities planned this spring. You can opt for prints or plains. Team with a shirt or a blouse and you are all set.

bermuda shorts part of spring 2013 fashion trends

 2. Water Inspired Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

Several top designers admitted that the water theme played a big role in inspiring their Spring 2013 collections. We observed that some of the best trends from Spring 2013 included the colors blue, green and various shades of aquamarine.

Designers like Proenza Schouler, Charlotte Ronson, Donna Karan and Michael Kors showcased water inspired collections that included pant suits, dresses and peplum skirts presented in innovative and creative designs.

Below is a sample from the Monique Lhuillier Spring 2013 collection.

water theme spring 2013 fashion trends This trend is quite simple to follow and if you have ‘blue-green’ items in your wardrobe, you are all set for spring 2013.

3. Floral Trends in Spring 2013 Fashion

Fashion is nothing but a reflection of nature around us. Hence in winters, we see a dominance of darker tones and heavier fabrics, while spring fashion is associated with everything bright and cheerful, light and airy. Therefore floral prints have always been part of spring fashion and trends from Spring 2013 are no different.

Floral prints have found their way into dresses, blouses and pants and pencil skirts in spring 2013.

spring 2013 floral fashion trends

The advantage of this trend is that since it is a recurring trend, you probably already have something floral in your wardrobe. Whip it out and you are fashionista for Spring 2013.

4. Get ‘Striped’ in Spring 2013

Stripes turned out to be one of the most obvious fashion trends of Spring 2013, with several major designers showcasing stripes in their collections. Of course the geometry, alignment and thickness of the stripes varied, infusing each piece with the designer’s individual sensibilities, making it a unique apparel.

For instance Marc Jacobs experimented with a skirt and blouse that had varying thickness in stripes at the top and the bottom, Oscar de la Renta’s strapless dress has innovative v-shaped stripes that made a unique statement and Tommy Hilfiger replaced the boring straight line stripes with polka dots.

Below is the ‘striped’ look from the runway at one of Spring 2013 Fashion Week events.

spring 2013 fashion trends stripes

The best part about the stripes trend for spring 2013 fashion is that they are suitable for work wear as well as causal wear. A two-in-one outfit, so to speak!

5. Color Trends for Spring 2013 Fashion

The color palette for fashion trends spring 2013 cover a wide gamut and range from classic black and white to bright and deep colors. Pastels usually a mainstay of spring are missing from spring 2013 fashion trends.

(a) Black and White Trends

You can never go wrong with classic black and white, which spells timeless style and elegance, not only in spring, but all year round. Designers also seem to acknowledge this as top design labels like Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, to name two, incorporated this trend into their collections.

spring 2013 fashion trends black and white dress colors

(b) Deep and Bright Colors

Royal color blue was dominant on the runways. Of course, this is also related to water inspired themes we discussed as trend #2 earlier in this article.

spring 2013 fashion trends deep and white color dresses

And if you have bright yellow outfit gifted by Aunt Muriel that you stowed away, horrified at being seen in public in it, now is the time to bring it out of hiding. Who would have thought, but it appears that Aunt Muriel had her fashion instincts right, for Spring 2013 fashion week saw a preponderance of the brightest yellow on the ramp.

spring 2013 fashion trends bright yellow dresses

 And while we are talking of bright colors, pink jackets are very ‘in’ this spring.  Nothing like pink to make you feel all girly and ‘princessy’. I say.

spring 2013 fashion trends pink jackets

6. Crop Top Trends for Spring Fashion 2013

When spring is the season and romance is in the air, can crop tops be far behind? If you have not yet done so, now is the time to hit the gym and work out extra hard so that you can bare your mid-riff with confidence in crop tops, one of the sexiest fashion trends in Spring 2013.

spring 2013 fashion trends crop tops

 These are some of the most popular Spring 2013 fashion trends. And now you know all about them. Use this knowledge and spruce up your wardrobe and you will be all set to sizzle in spring 2013. You may send temperatures soaring and advance the onset of summer.

But, then who’s complaining? Definitely not you, I should say. As always join the discussion below, we’d love to hear your thoughts…