Wedding Dresses 2013 - Experiment With Length

The Chic Bride’s Guide to Top 6 Wedding Dresses For 2013

Every girl dreams about her wedding and makes mental notes of all that she desires for her big day. Right from the wedding rings to her reception party, she wants everything to be perfect. But, for every bride doesn’t the dress remain at the top of the list? A bride wants to look like an angelic princess descended straight from heaven, nothing less will do. Well, a bride’s gotta do what a bride’s gotta do.

If you are getting married in 2013 and want a dress that’s simply mesmerizing, we have put together a collection of wedding dresses for 2013 which you can choose from. We guarantee that you will fall in love with at least one dress. However, we must warn you – it is possible that you may want to have them all. And you might put yourself in a bigger dilemma of which one to choose.

Well, don’t worry; we’re sure you’ll make the right choice. Presenting to you the BRIDE”S GUIDE to the top 6 wedding dresses for 2013.

1. The Lacy Wonder 2013

The look and feel of lace is very appealing on a woman. If your aim is to look appealing and feminine on your wedding day, (which I am sure it is) lace is the best way to go. Lace is self-textured to form lovely floral or abstract designs giving an elegant look to your dress. Thus, going for a lacy wedding gown is a great choice for weddings dresses in 2013.

2. Experiment with Length in 2013

Who says that your wedding gown has to either be long and flowing or short and chic? Why can’t it be both? Well, it sure can! And to help you envision the wonder you would look like in such a dress, here’s a little help. While this wedding dress appears like a cocktail dress from the front, it is long and flowing at the back. This dress makes for a youthful and trendy wedding dress and you get to show off those sexy legs too. We’re sure this is going to be a hot favourite wedding dress trend for 2013.

3. The Strapless Wedding Dress 2013

Several wedding dress styles incorporate the strapless look in them. Strapless wedding gowns are a great way to show off your shiny neckline and they also highlight a svelte body frame. The latest trends in strapless wedding gowns for 2013 include the mermaid skirt or the asymmetrical wavy body style that forms pleats diagonally along the length of your body. While some styles incorporate lace, others are done in satin or silk with ornaments embedded onto them for a ravishing appeal.

4. The One Shoulder Wedding Gown 2013

A variety of designers seem to have fallen in love with the one shoulder style for wedding dresses, a trend which we noticed on the runways too. One shoulder wedding dresses are unique and a good style to carry off to make heads turn and lure to-be-brides to lust after your dress. While you can choose the length of your sleeve, both long and short sleeves are in vogue for 2013.


5. Varying Neckline Styles 2013

Varying necklines are the hottest thing in fashion for 2013, not only for wedding dresses, but also for blouses, evening dresses and t-shirts. You can play with the pattern of the neckline for your wedding dress too by incorporating some unique designs and styles which will surely stay in style for eternity.

6. Informal Wedding Dresses 2013

For those of you who dislike sticking to traditional wedding dresses, there are quite a few informal styles trending in 2013. Some of these styles are wedding dresses with pockets, short length wedding dresses and colourful wedding dresses for the edgy bride. Have fun experimenting.


Here’s your chance to make all that you dreamed of as a little girl come true. So make the most of it and glow like a radiant angel in your wedding dress on your big day.